Discover BLACKPINK’s nine wintertime sweater looks

You can quickly refer to BLACKPINK’s 9 ways to wear a sweater for a stylish look during the cold season.

Sweaters are a classic cold-weather item that can effectively keep you warm. In addition, if you wear them well, sweaters will make you look younger, more attractive, and more balanced. Let’s explore 9 ways to style a BLACKPINK sweater to elevate your look this winter.

blackpink sweater 8

Jennie paired a long sweater with leggings for a casual yet lovely look. She added a long coat to complete the opulent and fashionable look. When dealing with a set such as Jennie’s, it’s best to keep the color scheme simple and avoid combining too many different hues.

blackpink sweater 7

Lisa looks fresh in a ripped sweater and an A-line skirt. You can learn from her how to tuck in the front hem, release the back hem, and bring an additional bag with details, and vivid color designs to boost the effectiveness of complimenting her shape and scoring intriguing points.

blackpink sweater 6

It’s still the sweater + A-line skirt combo, but Jisoo looks more beautiful and soft when she tucks the entire shirt in. Keep in mind that high-waisted skirts will best flatter your figure.

blackpink sweater 5

If you want to look more feminine and sweet, follow Jisoo’s example and wear a thin off-the-shoulder sweater with a pleated skirt. Her choice of pink shirt greatly enhances how lovely and endearing she looks.

blackpink sweater 4

Jisoo used the classic combo of a sweater and jeans, opting for an off-the-shoulder model that highlighted her collarbones to create an eye-catching focal point. She also remembered to tuck in to properly enhance her shape. Because the top is black, wearing light blue jeans makes Jisoo’s clothing appear more youthful.

blackpink sweater 3

Rosé wore a short sweater and straight-leg slacks for a chic yet understated airport outfit. She stands out at the airport because of her bright yellow shirt. In addition, pairing it with high-waisted pants makes her appear taller and covers up the weakness in her curved legs. Rosé accessorizes her look with a tiny shoulder bag and edgy sneakers.

blackpink sweater 2

Jennie looked adorable in a long shirt, tights, and a wool vest. She also carried a beret to give her airport look a unique touch.

blackpink sweater 1

Rosé, who also enjoys dressing in wool vests, decided to pair her vest with a pleated skirt and a short-sleeved t-shirt.

blackpink sweater 1

If you’re not into dressing up too much, you can always learn how to look like Jennie by dressing all black, including your sweater, slacks, and jacket. Additionally, Jennie skillfully emphasized her waist and hip curves by wearing a belt, which made her seem taller.

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