Drawbacks of Atkins Diet: Do You Know Clearly About It?

Every coin has two sides, it’s always a good idea to assess the benefits and drawbacks of any diet before giving it a shot. That’s why, besides the benefits, you also need to find out the drawbacks of Atkins diet first if you want to start.

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Drawbacks of Atkins Diet

Side effects you may have

One of the drawbacks of Atkins diet is that severely reducing carbs at the beginning of the plan can result in several negative effects, including headaches, dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. 

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There are some side effects that you may suffer when you are on the Atkins diet

Your body may be attempting to adjust to the switch in your fuel source if you start to experience flu-like symptoms. Some people have complained about having foul breath, thinning hair, or even losing their hair, especially at the beginning of the diet.

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Health risks

Foods high in protein are frequently also heavy in fat. Therefore, eating too much fat should also raise your bad cholesterol. At the same time, it restricts the consumption of fruits and vegetables that may cause chronic bowel problems. Similarly to that, restricting such consumption will merely deprive dieters of antioxidants.

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One of the drawbacks of Atkins diet is that it can effect your health

Early on in the diet, water loss is largely responsible for quick weight loss. Three parts water to one part carbohydrate is the ratio at which your body stores carbohydrates. Depleting carbohydrates causes you to lose water as well, so you lose water weight rather than fat.

Lower Levels of Vitamins and Minerals

Atkin dieters can follow this diet while still eating poorly balanced meals. This may be accomplished by consuming fewer vitamins and minerals as a result of eating fewer fruits and salads. It will consequently cause the body to lack vital supplements. To prevent that, make sure you use more supplementary foods. 

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Remember to consume more vitamins and minerals for your body

Fiber is scarce in the diet which may result in constipation. Fiber also helps to lower cholesterol and protects against colon disease, certain cancers, and heart disease.

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Putting On Weight

Atkin dieters will also need to maintain the ideal weight through ongoing exercise, in addition, to strictly following the Atkins diet’s directions. You have a possibility of gaining the weight you lost if you start consuming carbohydrates again. For weight loss to be long-lasting and stable, low-carbohydrate diets must become a lifestyle.

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If you don’t follow the Atkins diet for a long time or for life, you can gain weight anytime

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The bottom line

Besides the benefits, there are some drawbacks of Atkins diet that you should consider when you want to try it. However, as every coin has two sides, you can still ensure to try Atkins diet. Additionally, keep in mind to see your doctor if you want to attempt a new diet to receive the finest guidance for you.

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