Exquisite desserts around the world

It is a custom for every one of us to enjoy a savory dish of dessert after a meal, a good dish of dessert can change the mood of your day.

After a meal, many of us choose to eat some fruits, ice cream of a cup of beverage that you like as dessert. I am not saying that the desserts of your choosing is not good but they will make you feel boring after a while. Today, Illume-eMag will elevate your dessert with some exquisite dessert from other countries.

Cannoli, Sicily

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Cannoli is a typical Sicilian dessert, with a crispy crust outside, tangerines, chocolate and sweet cheese inside. Traditionally, the filling was given ricotta cheese made from goat’s milk, but today, the filling is made from a variety of ingredients. There are different varieties of Cannoli, such as chocolate icing on both ends of the cake, as well as pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds and other peanuts and dried fruits.

Apfelstrudel, Austria

0Arpels means apple and Strudel means whirlpool; The cross-section of the cake resembles a vortex, so the cake is named Apfelstrudel. This dessert is made by rolling multiple layers of paper-thin sponge cakes, rolling them together, and filling them with a filling made of apples, cinnamon powder, sugar syrup, raisins or dried walnuts. A cup of coffee with Apfelstrudel cake will be the perfect dessert for you.

Alfajores, South America

alfajores dulce de leche sandwhich cookies 3On the way from Argentina to Peru, visitors can enjoy delicious, attractive cookies. When eaten, the cakes melt lightly in the mouth, they have the flavor of caramel covered with a thin layer of sugar, delicious, extremely attractive. In addition, you can also enjoy the sweet, attractive dark and white chocolate flavor.

Cardamom Buns, Sweden

kardemummabullar recipe and step by step final horiz this week for dinner web 1Simply put, this is a bread roll with a sweet cinnamon flavor. This is a typical Swedish dessert and is also eaten a lot in Northern Europe and North America. In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, there is a shop that sells huge waffles that are extremely popular. Depending on the culture, Nordic people often eat waffles during their coffee break, while in North America it is more common to eat it for breakfast.

Eszterhazy Torta, Hungary

Esther Haji Torta is the signature dessert in Budapest and is loved by everyone. The characteristic of this cake is that it is made from cake flour and beaten egg whites with sugar, mixed with almond flour; then the top is spread with chocolate buttercream and vanilla ice cream shaped like a spider’s web. The piece of cake is soft in the mouth and its rich sweetness will make everyone satisfied when tasting this dessert.

Cendol, Singapore

Che Cendol 3This is a famous Singaporean dessert, made from rice flour, pandan leaves and added coconut milk and brown sugar. The sweetness of coconut milk and the softness of rice flour give you a soft, greasy feeling when enjoying. People also add some other ingredients such as shaved ice, red beans, jelly to make this dessert even better. In addition, you can choose the durian flavor Cendol which is also very special.

Baklava, Turkey

Baklava1Layers of thin cakes are interwoven, they are incredibly soft and sweet. Baklava cakes were once the most loved food during the Ottoman Empire. In particular, this cake is ranked as one of the most attractive dishes in the world.

Crème Brûlée, France

kem chay creme brulee socola trang thumbnailThis is a famous French dessert, made with a thin, crispy caramel layer, outside and inside is cold custard cream mixed with vanilla. The sweet caramel aroma and soft custard cream make you smile when you taste it. Today, the cake is a layer of milk cream, not only mixed with vanilla but also mixed with many different flavors.

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