Feeling Drowsy? Defeat it with these beverages

Waking up every day is very hard for most of us, the drowsiness makes you want to stay in your comfy bed but don’t worry, these simple drinks can help you defeat the drowsiness.

It is said that having an 8-hour sleep can help your body feel energized and avoid drowsiness. However, in our modern world, 8-hour sleep is something that most of us don’t have due to the nature of our jobs or other issues. Today, Illume-eMag will show you some beverages that can help you defeat the drowsiness.

Barley grass juice

benefits of barley grass juice powderMany people will be very curious when they first hear the reputation of barley grass juice. In our country, this drink is not as popular as in Western countries. Barley grass juice is a nutritious drink, a natural source of energy rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. However, barley grass juice is really not easy to drink at all, but once you like it, it will feel great, stimulate the mind, increase concentration at work, full of energy.

Green tea

pexels mareefe 1638280 scaledDrinking a cup of hot green tea awakens all senses, regains alertness, is the right choice. The amino acid L-Theanine found in green tea acts directly on the brain, effectively repelling sleepiness. This is definitely a perfect alternative to coffee you can refer to.


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Whenever tired, drink a glass of lemonade. This is a drink that is loved by many women, not only to help you avoid falling asleep, but also to help eliminate toxins and increase metabolism. Note, do not drink lemon juice when hungry, the amount of citric acid in lemon can easily affect your stomach.

Apple juice

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Apples are on the list of healthy superfoods. Nutritional ingredients in apples such as natural fructose sugar, many probiotics and B vitamins have the effect of increasing energy for the body, helping you stay awake, dispelling sleepiness and fatigue. Besides, apples contain fiber, one of the essential nutrients for a toned physique. Instead of drinking coffee every day, why not try a glass of juice that both helps you stay awake and lose weight, and doubles sugar.

Ice cold water

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In the morning, there is nothing more wonderful than drinking a glass of ice cold water, awakening all senses, helping you to be more alert than ever. At times of low alertness, especially after a nap or late afternoon, drink a few glasses of cold water to wake up all the senses, enhance concentration without having to abuse stimulants like coffee.


pexels nipananlifestylecom 1581484 scaledMatcha is a powdered tea extracted from green tea leaves. Therefore, matcha retains the nutrients in the tea leaves intact. Matcha is a drink that not only reduces stress, helps you relax and is more alert, but also has an effective antioxidant.

Hot dark chocolate

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Stimulating the nervous system, enhancing cognition, chocolate is a favorite drink of many people. Cocoa powder helps blood circulation to the brain, stimulates the nervous system, good for health, effectively repels drowsiness.

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