How can we avert a third wave of COVID?

How can we avert a third wave of COVID?
How can we avert a third wave of COVID?

Is it feasible to avert the third wave of COVID?

Coronavirus’s second wave caused havoc in recent years, leaving individuals in a state of confusion and terror. It claimed a large number of deaths and created significant problems for the country’s medical infrastructure. With talk of a third wave, it is even more critical for everyone to remain cautious and on guard.

When may we anticipate a third COVID wave?

Dr. Randeep Guleria, the head of AIIMS, has stated that the third COVID wave in India is “inevitable” and might occur within the next six to eight weeks. Many individuals were spotted letting their defenses down as many states began to open and border restrictions were removed. Earlier in the statement, the doctor stated that no lessons had been learned from the events that occurred between the first and second waves. With the majority of individuals still waiting to be vaccinated, the expert believes that our fight against the COVID epidemic has a significant uphill battle.

Is it going to be more harsh and perilous? To what extent should we be concerned?

The frequency of the Delta version and the virus’s unpredictable nature further add to the virus’s risk and worry. With individuals lowering their defenses, a third COVID wave is almost certain to occur. However, experts are divided on whether the third wave would be more destructive or catastrophic than the prior two.

Recent research has emphasized the need of controlling the transmission of the Delta form of the SARs-COV-2 virus, which is thought to be the dominant strain. However, because more individuals have been vaccinated and more have contracted the sickness during the second wave, experts are still unsure of the magnitude of the upcoming COVID catastrophe.

The national government recently stated that while a survey discovered that two-thirds of the population over the age of six years had COVID antibodies, it cautioned that about 40 crore individuals remain susceptible to infection and that there is no space for complacency.

What, according to specialists, can we do to avoid it?

While viruses have mutated and become unpredictable in recent years, the best way to assure public safety is through widespread immunization and strict adherence to COVID guidelines. On Friday, Dr. Randeep Guleria addressed the crowd once more, this time discussing the numerous methods in which we may avert the COVID third wave. Here are some steps you may take to prevent experiencing the same level of chaos as the second COVID wave and to delay the onset of the third wave.

Priority should be given to vaccination.

The SARs-COV-2 virus has demonstrated an extraordinary degree of unpredictability. From mild to moderate infections, it can also cause serious health problems in people, even death. Given that the virus does not discriminate and may infect both adults and children, immunization is the only method to ensure everyone’s safety. While COVID vaccinations do not provide immunity against the virus, they do protect against severe infection risks and hospitalization.

Adopt COVID-compliant behavior.

While the number of COVID cases has decreased, this does not imply the epidemic has ended. Crowded locations remain dangerous, and failing to wear your mask puts you and those around you at serious risk. Dr. Randeep Guleria emphasizes the need of maintaining COVID-appropriate behavior, which includes wearing masks, avoiding crowded locations, and keeping social distance.

Travel that is not absolutely necessary should be avoided.

While some states have dropped their border controls and the country has been freed, this does not mean that anybody may wander freely. Travels and trips that are not necessary should be avoided at all costs. Leave your houses only as a last resort.

Having said that, with the third COVID wave approaching, one should not relax their vigilance just yet. Individuals must be more alert than ever.

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