India’s delicacies that you must try

India is a country of many great sceneries, fascinating cultures and last but not least, India’s cuisine is something that you have to try when traveling to this excitement-filled country.

Traveling to a country and not enjoying the cuisine of that country is a very big mistake. Each country has its own cuisine and their difference can make your experience in that country vastly different. Today, Illume-eMag will introduce to you the delicacies that you must try when you visit India.

Biryani rice

Chicken Biryani With Coconut Milk with Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice 1This is a very popular mixed rice dish in India. This rice dish is often used in family reunion meals after afternoon prayers at the mosque. Biryani rice is served with a variety of meats such as chicken, beef or lamb, and many other vegetables such as basil, dill, coriander, saffron, etc. However, the main ingredient makes the dish attractive. The main food is basmati rice found only in India that is used to cook rice to have the proper consistency and a nice white color. The process of cooking biryani is quite complicated and goes through many stages. From preparing and marinating chicken to cooking rice is quite difficult. Therefore, the finished dish has an extremely delicious and attractive taste.


e1dad5315972c8a9db86fb01d69c7ecbOn the Indian table, it is impossible without Thali – a traditional dish from thousands of years ago. From restaurants to casual eateries, it is impossible not to miss this dish and you will surely come across them often when visiting this country. Thali is actually a mixed dish consisting of rice, naan bread, bean curry, potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other ingredients to add flavor to the dish. Thali is put together on a tray with all ingredients, looking at you will feel very eye-catching and stimulate the taste buds.


Chicken samosa 16 1200x675 1Samosa is a traditional Indian dish that is very popular throughout the country. Maybe because samosa is a delicious cake that can be fried or baked with a savory filling. The potatoes will be seasoned with onions, peas and lentils, etc. But sometimes, they are made with ground lamb, ground beef or ground chicken. However, Indian samosa is usually a vegan dish made in a pastry style without eggs and dairy products. Samosa is often served with a sweet mint or chutney sauce, which is a favorite of many. You can find Indian tourists and natives eating them as a midday snack or as a side dish.

Tandoori Chicken

grilled tandoori chicken FT RECIPE1021

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love Tandoori chicken, this is the famous Indian grilled chicken recipe. Although the traditional Tandoori chicken will be cooked in a clay oven, you can also prepare yogurt marinated chicken on the grill or in the oven. The signature flavor comes from tandoori masala, a spice blend that includes coriander seeds, ginger, and turmeric to name a few. This dish is very popular and really worth your time to enjoy.


Dal Makhani New 3Makhani chicken, also known as butter chicken, is a strange and very popular dish in India. This dish, when cooked, has tender chicken, cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Traditionally, this chicken dish can be cooked in a tandoor (a cylindrical metal or clay oven), grilled, fried, etc., depending on personal preference. Its authentic sauce is made by cooking fresh tomatoes, garlic and cardamom into a red powder. This powder mixture will be pureed after cooling. Then the chef adds butter, various spices and dry whole milk to the dish for a complete finish.

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