INTERFEL – France Apple Culinary Show And Tasting In French Consulate

On November 3rd, France Apple Culinary Show And Tasting was held at French Consulate in the warm atmosphere. 

Interfel’s International Commission promotes French fruit and vegetables. Each year, the Commission participates in several trade fairs worldwide to assure its institutional presence on the sector by promoting its products and bringing together professionals, institutions, and journalists of the fruits & vegetables industry.

dem trinh dien am thuc va thuong thuc tao Phap 3

France exports 25.000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to Asia, where Vietnam is its first client in the area. With a growing concern about protecting the environment and engaging in the preservation of natural resources, most of the French producers are certified “HVE” (High Environmental Value). This label guarantees eco-friendly practices, with the aim of offering healthy and quality products. The French fruits & vegetable industry knows that fruits and vegetables can have a significant impact on food imbalance, including obesity. Therefore, it encourages people to eat healthy and fresh fruits & vegetables.

dem trinh dien am thuc va thuong thuc tao Phap 9 1
The show introduces the France apple to a Vietnamese friend

Following the Asia Fruit Logistical Show and to promote French expertise, Business France, Interfel & Taste France invite journalists, distributors, and professionals of the Food & Beverage sector, to an apple culinary show and tasting, followed by a networking cocktail.

dem trinh dien am thuc va thuong thuc tao Phap 15
Chef Charles Saussin was the one who performed at the show

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. We foster export growth for French businesses, facilitate incoming investments in France, and run the V.I.E. International Internship Program.

Taste France is the French institutional brand created to promote French gastronomy, agro-food, and agriculture internationally, around five values: excellence, responsibility, enjoyment, authenticity, and innovation. The brand is steered by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, deployed on the BtoB and on the BtoC segments, which encompasses the agricultural and agro-food sectors.

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