Why do some people never gain weight?

Many people think that being skinny is beautiful, but in reality, it is not so. Thin people often face the scene of wearing the smallest size but still not fit, and finding the smallest size clothing also limits style.

In addition, thin people also have lower cold tolerance than normal due to lack of energy and nutrients such as fat, protein, lysine, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, … For places with lower-than-normal temperatures like work, wrapping yourself in winter shawls is more urgent than the need to wear nice.

In addition, the health status of thin people is always threatened by the risk of a series of dangerous diseases such as gallstones, memory loss, anemia, osteoporosis, … Illness, reduced resistance also increases the risk of infections and affects your ability to recover if you get sick or need surgery.

Why do some people never gain weight?

The reason why some people do not gain weight

The first reason is nutrition. Check that if you are making the following mistakes in your daily diet such as: the menu is rich in quantity but poor or is malnourished; Or maybe you are maintaining bad eating habits such as frequent skipping meals or eating erratically.

Many people believe that eating a lot of sweets, fatty foods will help you gain weight, but this is a completely wrong thinking that not only makes you unable to gain weight, but also risks nutritional imbalance.

If your daily menu is complete and balanced with the necessary groups of nutrients as well as a reasonable diet but still does not gain weight, then check to the next reason: nutrient absorption capacity of body.

Maybe your digestive system is suffering from problems such as imbalance of intestinal microflora, stomach pain, deficiency of digestive enzymes, parasites, … The toxic substances that accumulate in the body degrade too. Metabolism and nutrient absorption also affect weight gain. Or it could be because your body metabolizes higher energy than others, so the amount of food you eat, though much, is consumed by your body.

The last reason is psychology and sports practice. Psychological stress, frequent anxiety will make you become depressed, lose your appetite and limit the body’s weight gain. At the same time, being inactive also makes the body drowsy, less toned, and reduces appetite.


Once you understand the causes that can interfere with weight gain, you can completely overcome them.

If the cause is from the daily diet, you need to change the menu to ensure adequate nutrition in both quantity and quality in all 4 groups of nutrients: protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals. You can also consult an expert about your energy needs to plan for more effective weight gain. Accordingly, depending on age, condition, living and working status, each person will have different energy needs. Eating and drinking should also be arranged according to a scientific schedule, divided into small meals during the day for absolute absorption by the body.

For those with high energy metabolism should increase the cool foods in the daily menu while limiting carbonated drinks and stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee, beer, …

Besides, try to get 8 hours of sleep at night. Good sleep with comfortable and positive psychology helps to regenerate energy, restore the body and provide nutrients to all organs. At the same time, a deep sleep is also important for weight gain and muscle growth.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you find the right and enough reasons to interrupt your weight gain goal to immediately overcome and have a healthy, balanced body.

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