Spring/Summer 2022 Shoe Fashion

Mary Jane shoes, unique heels, etc. are the outstanding trends of this year’s spring/summer.

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Mary Jane shoe styles are being promoted by many brands this year. The classic shoe style’s popularity began in the 1920s, bringing a feminine look to the wearer and never going out of fashion.

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For the previous two years, platform shoes have been trendy on the spring/summer and autumn/winter catwalks, and there is no sign of stopping any time soon. The shoes’ style, with padded soles on both the front and back, helps women increase their height effectively without fatigue. However, the downside to this item is that it appears heavy and bulky.

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The trend of wearing casual clothes as party outfits has led to an increase in the popularity of colored shoes. This style of accessory complements a wide range of clothes as long as it creates a harmonious color combination.

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Lace-up ankle boots bring a liberal, dynamic look that is suitable for girls who love punk or grunge style.

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Shoes with unique soles, such as broken eggs, nail polish bottles, soap bars, flowers, candles, twisted cylinders, etc., are popular fashion accessories. It is a design that those who wish to emphasize their personality should not overlook.

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Chunky sandals with rough, thick soles and big straps are unquestionably one of this year’s standout trends. The accessory model is suitable for girls with strong personalities.

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The cowboy boot has been trending since the end of 2021. It brings the “Wild West” to the wearer. These boots go great with bohemian maxis or short skirts.

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After the spring/summer 2020 season, rhinestones and bow heels continue to dominate the market. It can be used when going to work or going to a party.

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The wedge shoe is back with a more modern, angular version. This year, most of the shoe soles are usually curved to create a soft look, while the toe is designed to be square. Decorative details in the straps, such as chains or metal buckles, help them become more solid.

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