5 types of clothing for short girls

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you find some outfits that will look awesome on you but your height denies you from wearing that outfit? 

Being short sometimes prevents you from wearing the outfits that you like and that feeling is quite obnoxious because there’s not much you can do about it. However, there are still certain ways of dressing up for people who are not blessed with height. Today, together with Illume eMag, let’s find out what clothes combination that will help you look stylish and make your height a thing in the past.

High-waisted pants

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One way to coordinate clothes for dwarfs is quite popular, which is to combine high-waisted pants with style tops. High-waisted pants are always an item that helps the wearer “cheat” their height effectively. When wearing these pants, your legs will appear longer than they really are, making you look taller. Pants like skinny jeans, leggings to shorts are all successful in helping you “cheat” a few centimeters. Another advantage that high-waisted pants bring is that you can freely choose stylized shirt styles. It can be said that high-waisted pants almost suits any shirt. If you want the set to be more personal, one way you can refer to it is to combine a simple crop top with high-waisted shorts.

Mix midi skirt and low-cut boots

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Surely many people mistakenly believe that, when they are modest in height, they should avoid long skirts as much as possible. However, when you know how to choose the right length skirts, the set not only does not make you show off your body defects but also helps you “grow” your height. In particular, the way to hack height with midi skirts is always very effective in hacking the body shape. To look taller when wearing clothes, you should choose skirts that are about half-calf length. When you want to conceal rough legs, you can choose skirts with a flare. Or when you want to show off your gentle figure, you can consider body-hugging dresses. In general, midi skirts have a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from.

Short body-hugging dresses with high-heeled shoes

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When the advantage of height has been lost, wearing body-hugging mini skirts really gives a shape-hacking effect. These types of skirts have the effect of helping the body become slimmer with a “visual trick” effect that makes the wearer look much taller. However, because the shirt form is a type of showing off your body curves, if you are not slim, consider carefully before deciding to wear it. To make your outfit more fashionable, a pair of high boots is a must. An option that you should consider. Thanks to the style of the shoe, high boots are considered a very trendy item, which helps to make the wearer’s legs more slender.

Choose wide-leg pants with a crop top

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It can be said that this is a way to hack the top height of the top that is being sought by dwarf mushrooms. This set of clothes not only has the effect of hacking the shape but also brings great comfort to the wearer. Influenced by the style of the 70s, the combination of wide-leg pants and crop top brings a personality and uniqueness in the way of dressing. Moreover, from students, students to working people can wear this outfit. In addition, if you want to become more dynamic and youthful, you can choose bright colors in this scheme. A pair of baggy jeans and a horizontal striped top, complete with simple converse shoes is the perfect outfit for a girly girl.

Simple T-shirt with flared pants

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This is also a style with influences of the old decades. A little bit of classic and personality is the style that this set brings. Just wear a pair of flared pants and a simple t-shirt and you have completed a “cheat” outfit with this height and charm. If you have never tried such a set of clothes, try to “change the wind” for yourself by dressing this dwarf mushroom girl. This outfit is guaranteed not to disappoint! To combine with the suit, you can choose high-heeled sandals or comfortable sports shoes.

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