Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus Ruled Spotify Wrapped 2023

Taylor Swift continues to rule the world after being named the most listened-to artist with over 26.1 billion global streams on Spotify Wrapped 2023.

Spotify has unveiled its yearly Wrapped campaign for 2023, revealing the most streamed artists, albums, songs, and podcasts along with introducing tailored statistics for platform users.

Taylor Swift has surpassed Bad Bunny, who had held the title for the previous three years, to become the most streamed artist globally on Spotify. Swift’s global stream count surpassed 26.1 billion thanks to her listeners.

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With 1.6 billion plays globally, Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” was the most-streamed single of the year, and Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti” debuted as the most-streamed album for the second year in a row. 


In the 48 hours before the release of Wrapped, Swift’s achievement was teased by Spotify, which placed 21 puzzle pieces on billboards across the world, including São Paulo and Jakarta, to mark her most recent milestone. 

In addition, the progress button will become sparkling and the progress bar will change to match the color of the corresponding era as fans play her music on the platform. Along with a unique sharing card, Swift will also be sending thank-you notes to some of her biggest admirers.


Taylor Swift has achieved significant success with two tracks that were among the top 10 songs internationally streamed on Spotify. Her Cruel Summer came in sixth, and Anti-Hero came in tenth.

For artists and podcasters, Spotify has introduced its Wrapped creative experience. To see how listeners engaged with them this year, users can visit personalized Wrapped microsites. On Spotify for Podcasters and Spotify for Artists, the feature is accessible.

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