The benefits of journaling


Journaling is the act of writing down your personal thoughts, insights, and opinions, it is such a simple task yet this provides so much joy and relief.

1. Journaling provide a safe space to process your emotions

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Sometimes we live in a place where everything is so fast-paced that it’s difficult to slow down and process your emotions. Your emotions can get overlooked and often neglected for you to focus on the task at hand and journaling can help with that.

Journaling provides a confined and secured place where you can properly introspect your emotions throughout the day so you do not feel overwhelmed, relieves you from the facade that you put on everyday and resensitize you to the more vulnerable part of yourself.

2. Journaling can help you plan the next step in your life

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Journaling, if done right can aid you with plenty of advantages. Journaling can help you calm down after a particular hectic day or just a mundane day when you need an extra boost of confidence. When your vision is clear and your focus is high, you will see things more transparently, hence why journaling is the way to go.

When you can properly assess yourself, this can include your emotions, your judgment, etc. You can see the bigger picture and give a deeper insight of your psyche so nothing is confusing anymore, it keeps the moral up and the clear the path for you.

3. Journaling can reduce stress

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Stress can be the Achilles heel to a human being as it is deadly yet silent, there are many ways for you to alleviate your stress levels, and journaling can be one of them. Journaling is an unbelievable stress-relieving tool for you to consider. 

Try establishing journaling in your daily routine to help you destress and unwind yourself everyday.

4. Journaling helps you open up

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Sometimes our emotions can be demonized as the world always encourages rational thinking and controls your emotions rather than properly handling them. As time went by, this will definitely take a toll on you because you keep bottle things up without an actual outlet to release, you become more callous with your surroundings and often build up a wall to prevent people from going inside. 

Journaling offers a solution for such needs, you can express yourself freely without the leering eyes of people. This can help you with emotional healing.

5. Journaling creates awareness

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By writing down your feelings about a difficult situation, this can create more perspective and  bring light to the problem that you are currently trying to solve. You can have your “Eureka!” moment while journaling!

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