The Children’s Supermodel Festival is officially back with 7 representative face

7 impressive faces representing the Festival of Children’s Supermodels are ready to make an “explosive” opening.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, recently, the information that The Children’s Supermodel Festival returned has received a huge number of attention from fashion lovers. This is the largest fashion event designed for child models, co-organized by Voyage Group and IEX Group in partnership with international luxury fashion brand S Designer House and The Voyage Academy. The Festival takes place on 1,2/8 at Trong Dong Palace, Hanoi.

Tran Phuong Anh

The Children’s Supermodel Festival gathers 300 child models including professional, semi-professional and amateur models from all over the country. The kids during the Festival will wear impressive collections from the S Designer House’s young designers. The collections will not only bring the soul of national culture but also set light to significant imprints which are a harmonious combination of traditional and modern elements.

Susi Bao Tran

Following that, the organization also announced 7 image representatives of the program: Cao Huu Nhat, Phan Trang Anh, Tran Phuong Anh, Nguyen Hoa Tu Quyen, Susi Bao Tran, Vu Nguyen Khanh Linh and Jenny Bao Vy. These are all familiar faces to fashion fans. 7 faces are 7 different personalities contributing to the colorful picture of The Children’s Supermodel Festival.

Phan Trang Anh

Apart from outstanding with a bright appearance, and professional attitude, the casts have also won many excellent achievements at international beauty competitions, they “bombarded” all over the fashion catwalks when taking over important positions such as vedette or first face. With charismatic catwalk steps, and experienced ability to handle the stage, the young models promise to bring an “explosive” opening to The Children’s Supermodel Festival.

Nguyen Hoa Tu Quyen

According to the reveal of the organization, 7 represents will open The Children’s Supermodel Festival with a special collection inspired by 7 countries that designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc and fashion brand S Designer House used to set foot on the journey bringing Vietnamese fashion to the world. This inspirational story will be told through the performance of these 7 outstanding models at The Children’s Supermodel Festival.

Jenny Bao Vy

To be more special, the Festival’s stage is built based on the standards of international catwalks, aimed at creating a party of fashion, light and music. Moreover, the event is also a gathering place for 1,000 guests and famous stars of the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

Vu Nguyen Khanh Linh

Designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc shared: “The Children’s Supermodel Festival is not only a playground for young talents who are passionate about fashion, but also discover and nurture a potential generation for the Vietnamese fashion industry and the world. Besides, this is also a bridge to bring young designers closer to the fashion-loving public.”

Cao Huu Nhat

The Children’s Supermodel Festival is a special mark on the journey of bringing Vietnamese children’s fashion to the “big sea”. This will be the bridge to bring Vietnamese child models to step onto the international cult catwalks. All have created an extremely exciting atmosphere, marking the golden time for the take-off of Vietnamese children’s fashion.

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