The Consular Club’s Annual International Charity Bazaar attracts thousands of people to visit

On November 2, the Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City hosted the 27th Annual International Charity Bazaar after a two-year hiatus due to a pandemic at Saigon Caravelle Hotel. This event has attracted thousands of people to visit and do their shopping. 

This landmark event is the club’s first major fundraising event since the pandemic. They are bringing back their international charitable spirit with a high-energy cultural bazaar rich with global products, international food, and a wide range of cultural performances. This year’s fair has the participation of more than 30 booths from the Consulate General of countries such as Indonesia, Italy, India, and Singapore… This is a rare opportunity for visitors to experience the specialties, shop many goods, and enjoy unique art performances from around the world. All sales amount will be used by the Club to do volunteer work and share with difficult and underprivileged people.

The opening of the bazaar

Mrs. Milena Padula, the President, explains: “For nearly 30 years our bazaar has been an extremely popular event. Over 1,000 guests attend each year to purchase a variety of products from all over the world (handicrafts, clothes, home decoration, jewelry, etc.). They enjoy freshly prepared international food and entertainment through talented performances in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. All the money raised at our bazaars is used to fund projects to improve the lives of underprivileged communities in Vietnam. The bazaar is our main annual fundraising event.”

Mrs. Milena Padula, the President of The Consular Club
Sharing from Mrs. Milena Padula, the President of The Consular Club

The bazaar has attracted a lot of attention and contributions from domestic and foreign sponsors such as Caravelle Saigon Hotel, Columbia Sportswear, De Heus, and many others… Moreover, there will be opportunities for guests to win some truly amazing raffle prizes that are valued at over 2.5M VND each.

The Consular Club
The guest and the member of The Consular Club took pictures together

The Consular Club is an established volunteer-run charity with almost 30 years of working to enhance the lives of unfortunate people in Southern Vietnam with a particular focus on aid for orphans, the disabled, the elderly, and minority groups. With a fund of more than 70,000 USD at the 26th bazaar in 2019, the club has supported 12 different projects in such fields as education, health, and clean water…

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