The pictures prove: Time waits for no one

Nothing is permanent or unchanging in this world. Time affects everything and everyone. We often do not notice how things change because it happens too slowly.

So when admiring this set of photos, do you feel regret with things in the past?

Footprints worn over the years on the Great Wall

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Still that car, still that suit and still that simple love

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The teddy bear I held when I was 2 years old and the teddy bear I just bought for my child

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Footprint of a monk who has sat here praying for decades

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Coca can deformed after being sun-dried

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2 windmills represent two different eras

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A picture contains 5 generations in a family

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Aging marks have gradually appeared on my mother’s face

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My grandparent’s love was very simple

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Oh my shaving cream-covered broom …

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My shoes are still good after 8 years of service

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Still that place, still you and me

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