Unconventional beauty – when imperfection is perfection

Unconventional beauty is the kind of beauty that defines the norm and goes above and beyond beauty standard expectations.

1. When perfection doesn’t exist

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There’s without a single shadow of a doubt that the media is one of the main factors contributing to the unattainable beauty standards we have today. We also cannot deny that social media beauty apps have a huge impact on our daily lives due to it capitalizing on our insecurities. With the rise of cosmetic surgeries being normalized at a fast pace, more and more picture perfect faces are being created or replicated as we can see this on a daily basis.

They show us that beauty is unattainable, this creates a mental image that you are not enough, your facial and body features are only desirable when it fits a certain mold, but here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

Unconventional beauty celebrates the imperfections were once seen as flaws, we have been brainwashed into thinking that those features of us are undesirable when we – as human beings – are unique and special in different ways. We should be celebrating our differences, not demonizing them.

2. Redefining beauty one step at a time

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 The media, especially social media tend to adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards, they only focus more on representation in recent years. We are always familiar with the picture of a perfect face in a magazine or on your TV screen with a pale complexion, striking eyes, and light hair. However, things are going in a positive direction when models in general don’t have to follow those standards any more.

The beauty industry is slowly diversifying its reach and breaking stereotypes, more and more body types are represented, skin tones are celebrated,…we are breaking down social constructs slowly but surely. The world of beauty is vast, it comes in all shapes and sizes, there must longer be any codes for it, let your voices be heard!

3. Defying the “Male gaze”

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The male gaze is a term that describes the way of depicting women as sexual objects and empower men. We often deny its effect on the current beauty trends when the male gaze perpetuates Western and Eurocentric beauty standards, which is very damaging to those who do not fit into the roster.

 What matters here is beauty ideals are very cis male-centered, more often than not it put a ton of pressure onto the people around them, especially people in traditionally marginalize groups to fit in and base their worth around it in order to be seen and taken seriously by the people around you.

The male gaze definitely benefited the most by exploiting your insecurities, but in recent years we always try our best to break away from it as we learn how to embrace your looks and start dressing for ourselves more frequently as there are more lights being shed on the subject .

4. More than meets the eye  


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In a culture defined world that we live in, we seem to forget that the word “beauty” isn’t just for describing the outward appearance of a person, it also transcends the facade that we put out for the word to see. Beauty is not only limited to looks, it can also be pointed to as the beauty that comes from within. We are all beautiful despite our flaws, it’s our imperfections that made us who we are as individuals.


5. Embracing you!

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We all know that beauty brings a certain power to those who are gifted with it, but that isn’t always the case. Your features will never go out of style when you learn how to embrace it as part of who you are, one in a million, that’s who you are!

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