7 tea side effects that everyone should know

It is recommended to have tea in our diet to help our bodies stay healthy and free of toxins but have you ever wondered, what will happen when you drink too much tea? 

Tea, an elegant drink and beloved by many people due to its numerous health benefits. Undoubtedly, tea is an integral part of a lot of people’s daily diet and they tend to replace water with tea as a form of refreshment. However, long-term consumption of tea can lead to some unwanted health conditions.

Bad effects on pregnant women

Caffeine is recommended to endanger the health of pregnancy for mother and baby. If too much is taken, it can cause a miscarriage or cause the baby to be born with a low birth weight. However, this has not been fully published or detailed research confirmed. Therefore, pregnant women should not drink green tea, herbal tea is a good alternative to drink during pregnancy. Licorice is a sweet herb used in medicine to make it easy for patients ingest. However, pregnant women should not use this flavor to avoid the risk of preterm labor.

Stress and psychological pressure

In addition to antioxidants, tea also contains a number of stimulants that keep body awake. Interference with the natural circadian rhythm is the main cause of the increasing number of psychological diseases. When you are tired and want to rest but you force your body to work, the muscles will gradually become . The stress that your body suffers will send signals to the brain and over time you will often appear anxious and prone to stress. It is recommended that your body’s daily caffeine should remain below 200mg .

Cause heartburn

Heartburn, heartburn are negative symptoms that alarm the health of the stomach. Some analyzes of studies on caffeine show that this substance relaxes the sphincter causing gastric acid reflux while simultaneously increasing the acidic environment of the stomach. However, it is not just drinking tea that causes you to have acid reflux or heartburn. The problem of heartburn, heartburn can be caused by something else, and drinking tea is only a minor cause of additional effects. So when this symptom appears, try reducing the amount of tea you consume. If the problem does not improve, seek medical advice for early solutions


When using teas containing psychoactive substances, you will experience some side effects such as dizziness. However, it often happens to subjects who are sensitive to tea or drink too much green tea. You can sip each drink in small doses to avoid drinking too much at one time. This will minimize the symptoms of dizziness for you.

Sleep quality deterioration

Drinking green tea makes you lose sleep because the wakening compounds in tea are quite high, especially when steeped for a long time. Melatonin is a hormone that signals sleepiness so that the brain controls the body’s behavior. However, the presence of caffeine will inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin, causing poor sleep quality. When you lack sleep for a long time, health will decline, the organs do not eliminate toxins, which will cause fatigue, pain, memory loss. Chronic lack of sleep also causes excess fat to increase and blood glucose metabolism disorders.

Cause nausea

Tannin compounds give tea a bitter taste, especially when drinking green tea, you will clearly feel this. At the same time, tannin irritates the tissues of the digestive organs, creating a feeling of nausea and stomach pain when used too much. Each body will have a different limit, sensitive subjects should not consume more than 500ml of tea per day to reduce the side effects of tea.

Affect the body’s ability to absorb iron

You drink green tea or any tea will stimulate the body to absorb more tannin from tea. This is a compound that causes difficulty in the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract. We all know that iron deficiency is a dangerous manifestation that seriously affects health, blood circulation and all brain activities. Therefore, people with iron deficiency should consider not using tea much to avoid aggravating the body condition. This problem becomes even more difficult if you use vegetarian food every day. Because tannin is more active with plant nutrients than animals, the risk of iron deficiency in vegetarians is also higher than in people with a varied diet. Therefore, to be safe, you should drink less than 700ml of tea per day and should drink it in the middle of the day after meals, because then the iron from food has absorbed into the body.

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