Vietnam International Fashion Tour: The beacon of hope for Vietnamese fashion and tourism after the pandemic

The Vietnam International Fashion Tour will contribute to stimulating domestic tourism, promoting the image of Vietnam’s nature and people to the world and creating a breakthrough for the country’s fashion industry.

After 2 years of cultural, fashion and tourism inactivities, the Vietnam International Fashion Tour (VIFT) project is receiving the attention of a large number of fashionistas. This is considered a beacon of hope for Vietnamese fashion and tourism after a dismal time.


On June 4th, the ceremony to announce the commence of Vietnam International Fashion Tour (VIFT) took place in Hanoi and received the attention of the public. VIFT leads viewers through many emotions with eye-catching collections from brands such as: S Designer House cultural convergence of 3 North – Central – South; Y Van Hien opens up a space with bold colors of the past; Tuyet Nhung Bridal honors the beauty of Asian women, preserving the national identity of Vietnam with the collection “Dreams come true – Dreams come true”.


In particular, at the announcement ceremony, the elite students of fashion design from 3 schools, namely Hanoi University of Architecture, University of Industrial Fine Arts, and Hanoi Open University presented their bright and unique designs. From the idea, shape, cutting, sewing, and attachments, all are handled delicately and impressively, making fans have high expectations for the future of Vietnamese fashion. In particular, the performance with the combination of the impressive hair collection of the C:EHKO brand brings a unique fashion experience to the fashionistas.

At the ceremony, the organizers announced the highlights of the fashion show series promoting tourism – Vietnam International Fashion Tour. Sharing about this iconic project, designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc – President of Vietnam International Fashion Tour said: “Vietnam is blessed by nature with many wonderful natural landscapes and this is always an invaluable source of inspiratio for fashion. Meanwhile, the traditional catwalks are often held indoors with limited space, lack of breakthrough in fashion experience and do not take advantage of the beauty of nature. With the desire to promote tourism through fashion, Voyage Group decided to “shake hands” with IEX Group to organize this tour.


Architect Pham Vu Thuong Nhung – Senior Advisor of Vietnam International Fashion Tour added: “Not only updating new fashion trends, but VIFT also focuses on promoting Vietnamese culture and tourism through programs. Fashion shows are held at many famous landmarks in the country, contributing to stimulating domestic tourism and promoting the image of nature and Vietnamese people closer to the international public.

Vietnam International Fashion Tour is a tour organized by Voyage Group and IEX Group in collaboration with international luxury fashion brand S Designer House and Voyage Talent Training and Development Academy (Voyage Academy). VIFT is held 4 shows per year with the goal of fashion direction for each season of the year.


At Vietnam International Fashion Tour, the fashion catwalk has no limits when using the wild, majestic natural beauty and unique and impressive architecture as the catwalk to create a fashion experience combined with travel enjoyment. unique to the audience. Each show will stop at a famous landmark across the country with unspoiled natural beauty or a mark of modern life.

In particular, this is the first fashion project in Vietnam to apply virtual reality technology. VIFT will open a “virtual universe” including: the first virtual trade center for all industries in Vietnam, a virtual fashion catwalk and accompanying cultural events also held in the air. Virtual reality… promises to bring a 4.0 fashion-forward atmosphere to fashionistas, becoming an optimistic bright spot for Vietnamese fashion and tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mr. Nguyen Thang Long, General Director of IEX Group, Head of BTC Vietnam International Fashion Tour affirmed that for the first time in Vietnam a fashion project has been applied and exploited in virtual reality space. “Parallel to the series of fashion events taking place directly at scenic spots across the country, cultural and fashion events will be held at the main stage of the first virtual trade center to appear in the world. currently Vietnam. As a result, it is possible to reach fashionistas all over the world without being limited in terms of geography or time; while increasing the ability to preserve cultural and artistic values ​​when the content is digitally converted and stored in the cloud,” shared Mr. Nguyen Thang Long.


The Vietnam International Fashion Tour itinerary will stop in 5 provinces in 2022 and 2023 including: Quang Ninh (August 28, 2022), Lao Cai (October 30, 2022), Hanoi (December 25, 2022 – December 31, 2023), Hoa Binh (June 25, 2023), Ninh Binh (August 27, 2023). 8 shows with 40 brands/designers and 1,000 models. In addition to 8 shows, VIFT also has a series of rich and meaningful companion activities such as the announcement ceremony, the charity program “Go to school with me”, a companion contest, casting models, and experience shows to find models. understand the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation…


In particular, this is not only a place to connect designers, fashionistas and the public, but also has a mission to spread, honor and promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam with the international public through through fashion stories.

The natural and urban landscapes not only become a special catwalk but also create a spillover effect not only on fashion, destinations but also culture and cuisine. The collections appearing on the Vietnam International Fashion Tour catwalk will be themed, inspired by the destination itself, bringing it in line with the local landscape, performance space, and cultural space.


Besides, VIFT also aims to honor the unique fashion designs of domestic and international designers, find new inspirations in the drawings, cut and sew of traditional fashion. At the same time, thereby promoting tourism, using the beauty of fashion to honor tourism and vice versa, the companion and development of fashion and culture.

Each show will tell an interesting and detailed story about the culture and history of each land VIFT sets foot in with a main fashion festival and experiential shows. Cultural features seep into fashion, crept onto the stage and together with fashion introduce and promote tourism. Indigenous beauty inspires fashion, brings fashion back to its original point, conveys the message of preserving the beautiful natural landscape and traditional cultural beauties of the nation. VIFT hopes to spread the love of fashion to the public, find and nurture local resources.


With unprecedented special features from the scale of the organization, the catwalk, the model lineup, the unique collections to the meaningful messages and the application of virtual technology… Vietnam International Fashion Tour has become the most anticipated  fashion tour in 2022.

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