Vietnam’s top locations for summer vacations

After barricading yourself inside your home for two years due to COVID, won’t you want to go somewhere this summer when the airports are open for travel? Why don’t you check out Vietnam and its locations? There are some places in Vietnam where the weather and scenery are ideal for summer vacations.

1. Vietnam “Hawaii” – Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a place surrounded by pristine beaches, green forests, and historical sites that mark the time of the arduous but heroic struggle of the nation. But Phu Quoc is not just that.

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Traveling to Phu Quoc is also an opportunity for visitors to experience the rustic but interesting life of the islanders when visiting fishing villages, pearl facilities, fish sauce barrel houses, sim wineries, green pepper gardens, etc.

2. The paradise of wind and sunshine-Nha trang

As a beautiful and joyful coastal city, Nha Trang becomes livelier than ever in the summer sun. Visitors to Nha Trang can freely swim in the warm sea while participating in exciting sports such as riding a glass-bottom boat, scuba diving to see corals, or experiencing the sensation of floating in the sky with a cable car ride across the ocean to the Vinpearl Land.

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Coming to Nha Trang on sunny summer days, visitors can fully feel the joy and wonder of this romantic coastal city.

3. Vietnam’s “city of love”-Da Lat

Many Vietnamese people have the habit of traveling to Da lat in the summer. Da Lat has a cool climate as if there was a giant fan blowing all year round, giving the inhabitants of this land cool winds.

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A few stops in Da Lat, such as the Valley of Love, the City Flower Garden, and Mong Mo Hill, will make visitors feel as if they have entered a massive green garden filled with cheerful flowers and pine hills.

4. The Call of the Mountains-Sapa

If you want to get really chilled in the summer, Sapa is the place to go. It is known for its beautiful terraced fields and mountain views, and because you are in the mountains, the weather is cool year-round.

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Many tourists describe Sapa as a second Da Lat because of its cool and pleasant climate. Visitors can go on trekking trips or learn about and discover the unique culture of the local residents.

5. Hue-Da Nang-Hoi An

Hue-Da Nang-Hoi An is located along the South-Central Coast in the tropical monsoon climate.

These places are not too hot; the average temperature is only 28–30 °C. Thus, the best time to go to these 3 locations is from early April to September because, during these months, the air here is cool and convenient for fun trips.

Come to the central region of Vietnam to visit the ancient capital of Hue, where the old memories of the past are retained for generations to come.

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Da Nang, with its Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Mountains, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra peninsula, and other attractions, cannot be overlooked by tourists. You can swim freely on beautiful beaches and walk on white sand stretching for tens of kilometers.

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Stop at Hoi An, where the romantic features from the old days remain for those who love them.

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