VNARP Taste of Vietnam IV: a chance to enjoy specialties of the 3regions of Vietnam in the USA

VNARP Taste of Vietnam IV is both an honoring event and a culture-art exchange held by the Vietnamese on 16 September in Orange County USA.

After 3 greatly successful sessions,  the 4th session of VNARP Taste of Vietnam has been fixed to take place from 17:00 to 22:00 on coming Saturday 16  Sept 2023 at Orange, USA.

Myriad prominent characters in the Vietnamese community as well as famous people from the USA and other countries will participate the program. Moreover, there is also the participation of singer Duong Trieu Vu, Adrian Anh Tuấn designer, Ngo Nhat Huy designer, and many famous celebs. 

taste of vietnam lavyon

The organizers will honor the achievements in the USA of real estate agencies, financial firms, and Non-profit organizations run by the Vietnamese in South California, besides, it also include food festivals reflecting the specialties of the 3 regions of Vietnam, music and fashion shows

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Especially, A part of the financial gain from VNARP Taste of Vietnam IV will be donated to the Famine prevention campaign Fight Hunger via The Outreach. VNARP has provided many free meals before. So far it has given more than 350,000 meals to communities suffering from difficulty.

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