5 recipes to turn bread into masterpieces

Bread, the most common and simple commodity that everyone can own. But with proper preparations, bread can turn into masterpieces for your appetite to enjoy.

Many of us usually think that bread is just a cheap and simple side dish meant to be eaten with other food. That conception of bread is quite a culinary mistake. In the right hands, a simple and bland piece of bread can become an award-winning dish. Today ILLUME-eMAG will introduce to you some delicious dishes made from bread.

French Toast

French toast, also known as cheesy toast is a common but delicious dish for your stomach. This dish is beloved and often appears first in everyone’s mind when they want to eat something after a long day at work due to its simplicity. The preparation steps for this savory dish are quite simple, a few slices of bread and a couple of eggs. After you have gathered the eggs and slices of bread, crack open the eggs and then put those eggs on the slices of bread. Next, put the bread dipped in eggs into a pan and then sprinkle on the pieces of bread some cheese. Finally, when you have finished adding cheese, flip the slice of bread and wait for the cheese to melt and ready to be served.

Combine with bean broth

For some of us, when soggy pieces of bread are a blessing. And for all the soggy bread enjoyers out there, there is a dish for you to enjoy, that dish is bread dipped in bean broth. The recipe for this dish is not fixed, you can put in this dish whatever kinds of ingredients that you want. Imagination is what makes this dish so fun to make. For example, you can use canned diced tomatoes and white beans or greens and beans with olive oil, the possibility of this dish is endless. Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can warm a can of beans, add some broth in it, and for the finishing touch, mash it into a piece of toast. Preparing the dish this way may not create the soggy bread that you desire but it is much tidier and easy to clean after you finished cooking.

Bread with clams on top

Unlike the previous dishes, this dish is quite expensive to make. Bread with clams on top is quite weird for most people because these two ingredients aren’t usually seen with each other. Aside from the price of the ingredient, this dish has a marvelous taste. The garlicky, wine-y sauce soaks through the thick slice of bread in the best way, and the clams cook quickly and taste so good. This dish is suitable to be eaten with your friends because most kids don’t fancy clams.

Avocado toast

Trends come and go but there is one trend that will never go away: the avocado toast trend. The reason why avocado toast is everlastingly famous is because of its massive nutritious value. If you want to provide your kids with a simple yet nutritious meal, this dish is your go-to. The ingredients are cheap and easy to find, some slices of bread, avocados, and any type of fruit available in your house and you are good to go. All you need to do is put some avocado slices on a slice of toast and add any of your favorite fruit or vegetable and tada, your healthy and quick dish is completed.

Pizza bread

Have you ever heard of bread becoming pizza? Yes yes, this may sound weird for some of us but this dish actually exists. Despite having “Pizza” in its name, this dish is quite easy to make. You just need bread, some sauce, cheese and you are ready to make a fantastic dish. The preparation steps are a walk in the park, toast the slices of bread that you have and spread some tomato sauce on it, for the finishing touch, add some melted cheese on to the toast. You can add meat or vegetable available in your fridge and you can enjoy this awesome this.

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