Do these 3 exercises before going to bed to successfully lose belly fat

Because cold weather causes many people to become lazy to exercise and devour more delectable foods, excess fat easily accumulates in the belly. ILLUME eMAG would introduce you to these 3 exercises that will significantly reduce belly fat.

  1. Trunk Twist

If you exercise consistently, this exercise has a strong impact on the abdominal muscles, which helps burn extra belly fat, giving you the ideal waist.

Just lie down with your legs straight before going to bed, then pull your legs together and turn your entire body to the left side first. Then return to your starting position and continue to rotate to the right. Maintain a straight neck and head.

Cooldown Trunk Twist

If you do this exercise for 15 minutes, you will not only improve your bottoms but will also help you sleep better.

This is a simple exercise that everyone can do. However, when you initially begin exercising, you may have some abdominal pain. There is no need to be concerned since if you continue to exercise every day, this problem will go away on its own.

  1. Scissor Kicks

This exercise is ideal for those who desire to burn lower abdominal fat as well as have thin calves.

Scissor Abs

To begin this exercise, lie on your back with your arms parallel to each other. Inhale, kick your legs up, and repeat with your legs at a 45-degree angle apart.

To effectively reduce abdominal fat, repeat this exercise 14-16 times every evening. After a while, you will notice a reduction in belly fat as well as tighter and thinner thighs.

  1. Legs Up The Wall

This exercise has the same results as the squat and plank but is much easier to perform. This exercise can be done with simply a bed and a wall next to it. In addition to putting the basic pressure on the abdomen, the exercise “Legs Up the Wall” offers a sense of relaxation, boosts blood circulation to the brain, and induces sleep quickly.

woman doing legs up the wall pose while reading in bed

To begin this exercise, lie on your back on the bed with your arms naturally horizontal and your legs straight up against the wall. Make sure your feet and buttocks are totally in contact with the wall. Hold this posture for approximately 3 minutes. To boost your capability to burn calories, keep your breathing steady and position a cushion or cloth directly below your waist.

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