5 steps to “rescuing” your skin after a crazy holiday celebration

Going all out on the holidays can make your skin look pathetic with acne, dryness, peeling, and dark spots. But do you have to go to work or go back to school soon? How can you go out on the street with such skin? If you don’t fix this fast, the consequences are going to be devastating. Join ILLUME eMAG to learn 5 simple skincare steps to “rescue” your skin before it is too late.


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Adding enough water is a must if you want to restore your skin. Water helps flush toxins out of the body, helping you to have “clean” skin from the inside.


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Skin inflammation and irritation are a few of the most obvious consequences left of a night of feasting. Skin inflammation can cause acne and even skin aging. Exfoliation can help you solve some of your worries about acne because acne occurs due to clogged pores. Therefore, regular exfoliation will help unclog pores.

Face massage

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Facial massage can both help lift muscles and stimulate blood circulation. The skin becomes brighter and fresher.


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These days, pamper your skin more by diligently using a nourishing mask. Clay masks can help you clean your skin very well, and paper masks help replenish moisture instantly. Depending on your skin type and usage needs, you can choose the right mask for you to restore your skin.

Antioxidant products

To fight free radicals, add an antioxidant product to your skincare routine (especially at night).

The Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence contains 94% Galactomyces fermentation filtrate that has a perfect skincare effect, soothing, sunburned restoration, and brightening skin. It is effectively used in skin regeneration, providing the best skin-nourishing conditions for a long time.

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The product also has hydration properties. It quickly hydrates the skin and provides amino acids and beneficial minerals to help the skin look fresh and young. Besides moisturization, this product also promotes the elimination of dead cells, nourishes new skin, and helps whiten skin gradually.


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