Make-up Trend Spring/Summer 2022

Struggling to find this season’s make-up trend? Just stop by, and illume-emag will fill you up.

Neon-Eyes Makeup:

Dating back to the ’80s, neon colors were hugely popular and have made a comeback in recent years. Not only in the field of fashion, but this old trend is also taking place strongly in the field of makeup.

make up spsu 2022 3

Red and glossy lips:

Taking a new step after a period of crisis, art itself returns to being full of joy with classic red lips. No one can resist the charm of this powerful color.

make up spsu 2022 2

Besides the rise of red lipstick, lip gloss also “stormed” all over the catwalks in parallel with the return of the Y2K fashion trend.

make up spsu 2022 1

Coral cheeks:

make up spsu 2022 5

This is also the season for coral cheeks as this makeup trend takes over the catwalks. Instead of just playing the role of highlighting the cheekbones, blush makeup also focuses on shaping the temples and around the eyes.


make up spsu 2022 4

It is not difficult to realize that the similarity in the makeup style on the Spring/Summer 2022 catwalk is the thin, light, and natural foundation. The makeup artist’s secret is to either use a light foundation or use a tinted moisturizer to cover the skin.


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