6 accessories that every girl should own

A lady’s outfit can turn from being beautiful to being a masterpiece with the help of a small accessory. That may sound hard to believe but one small accessory can upgrade your outfit and make you the center of attention in a party. 

Many of us usually consider accessories as something that have an insignificant impact on our outfit. A big mistake that some of us might make. Not only for decoration purposes, but accessories can help you protect yourself, keep your belongings safe and show off your personality. Illume eMag is happy to have the opportunity to tell you about many accessories that can upgrade your visual significantly.

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Any woman owns at least one handbag, for younger girls, a backpack can be used, but they all have the same use, which is to store things. and supplies. It can be said that handbags are one of the earliest women’s fashion accessories. Around the 16th century, it became an essential item for women. The society is developing day by day, and since then, the variety of models and fashion is also getting more and more attention. If you are an office worker, my advice is to have at least 2 handbags in your collection. In particular, a larger bag, capable of holding more items, is used for work and another small bag for parties or important company events. If you are a student, you can choose for yourself a backpack to go to school every day. Accompanying it is a dynamic and youthful bag for meetings with friends.


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Bracelets are always one of the most popular women’s jewelry items. Their role is mainly to create a highlight for the whole and enhance the personality of the owner, that’s why the design of the bracelet is also extremely diverse. You should own a bracelet in your collection of women’s jewelry accessories because it will certainly be an item that will never be superfluous. A bracelet with a simple metallic shine will be the perfect choice for girls who do not want a style that is too fussy. Or a necklace, handmade vintage bracelet or bracelet is also one of the great ideas. However, when combining bracelets with costumes and other accessories, you should also pay attention to the color and material to create  uniformity for the whole, avoid overdoing it because it will create the opposite effect.

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More than just a piece of jewelry, rings are also considered the most popular and basic women’s fashion accessory. Although small, this is a perfect highlight in the hands of ladies. Rings also speak for themselves. A small ring with a sparkling stone on top will help the owner add momentum and femininity. However, a large metal ring enhances the personality and dynamism of the wearer. In addition, valuable rings, studded with diamonds or precious stones are also favored by successful women.
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It’s hard to believe if a girlfriend has never worn earrings in today’s modern life, isn’t it? Indeed, earrings (aka earrings) have appeared in girls’ subconscious from a very young age, proving its effect on one’s fashion style is quite important. Today’s earrings are designed quite diversely with many different designs and materials. The most prominent are gold and silver jewelry earrings, stone earrings and metal earrings. If you are a girl who pursues a casual style, a pretty small earring will be the right choice. If your personality or fashion is a bit more fashionable, you can change it with long, large earrings with fashionable colors and designs. However, like other women’s jewelry, when choosing earrings, girls should consider their size, style and color so as not to cause a feeling of disproportion or “out of place”.
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Not only a device to tell the time, a wristwatch is also considered a valuable and classy women’s fashion accessory. That’s why wristwatches are very diverse in design and price, from a few hundred thousand dong, even a few hundred billion dong. Returning to fashion values, women’s watches help women create accents for their outfits. A flowing dress will often go well with a feminine or classic watch design. And vice versa, a personality and dynamic outfit will combine better with a sports watch. Note when choosing a women’s fashion watch, you should also pay attention to the quality of the product, a genuine watch at an affordable price is always appreciated more than a prestigious brand watch, but it is a luxury watch. fake. That is not to mention that wearing a fake watch can cause health effects such as allergies, containing many toxic metals.
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Not only a women’s necklace accessory, a necklace is also considered an effective assistant to help women stand out and be different in the crowd, and choosing a suitable necklace also speaks volumes. up to the taste of the owner. Necklaces are not picky about hairstyle, skin color or age because they have a wide variety of choices, from colors, designs to materials. Along with that, choosing a suitable necklace will help you shine a lot more, sometimes even hiding some of your shortcomings such as a bone neck, a neck that is too short or too long. For daily activities, women can choose for themselves a necklace with a simple and slim design in white or yellow color. In addition, in important parties or events, pearl, stone or metal necklaces will help you create the perfect highlight for the entire outfit.

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