Acupuncture on face: 3 benefits that will surprise you

Are you thinking about getting acupuncture on face but unsure of what to anticipate from the sessions? Before receiving facial acupuncture, there are a number of things you should be aware of, including how the procedure feels and how many sessions you might require

What is acupuncture?

Traditional Chinese medicine adopts a holistic perspective on health and holds that obstructions in the qi’s flow are the cause of health issues. Acupuncture includes inserting needles through the body’s meridians in order to clear these obstructions and enhance the flow of energy and blood. A common type of acupuncture on face, neck, and hairline is known as cosmetic acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, or an acupuncture facelift.

So what is acupuncture on face?

Skin is pierced with small needles during facial acupuncture or microneedling to generate microscopic wounds. They activate the body’s healing process by improving blood and lymph flow, which improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the wounded area.

Moreover, microtrauma activates fibroblast cells, which create collagen and elastin, and the release of substances that lessen edema. These elastic components are lost as a person ages, which contributes to the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

By this method, the skin is made stronger and firmer, and collagen also increases skin flexibility and moisture. Restoring the elastin in the skin the elasticity, appearance, texture, and wound-healing capacities of the skin.

The top 3 benefits of facial acupuncture

Reduced wrinkles and lines

Reduced skin lines and wrinkles, such as laugh lines around the mouth, crow’s feet around the eyes, and forehead lines, is one of the main advantages of acupuncture on face.

Acupuncture on face

In order to supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin, acupuncture needles enter the skin and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems in your body. Since acupuncture uses fewer needles than microneedling, it has a similar impact but is less uncomfortable and unpleasant. The wrinkles and creases on your face are naturally filled in and smoothed out by facial acupuncture.

Lowered visibility of acne scars

It turns out that this needling therapy, acupuncture, may improve skin circulation, regenerate tissue, and collagen, which can lessen the appearance of acne scars on both the face and the body in addition to relieving physical tension. The appearance of acne scars in the form of pitting and hyperpigmentation, which are dark patches of red and purple, can be greatly reduced with cosmetic acupuncture.

Acupuncture on face

The damaged region is punctured with extremely tiny, painless needles, which can improve blood circulation to hasten healing, lighten scars and purple patches, and let fresh blood into the area. When you are helping your skin to renew and repair tissue by increasing collagen formation, unevenness and pitting scarring are smoothed.

Improved collagen production

The production of collagen by skin needling is one of the most intriguing reasons face acupuncture is successful in rejuvenating our look. Western medicine refers to this procedure as collagen induction treatment. Simply put, collagen induction treatment encourages the body to produce more collagen and elastin naturally.

Acupuncture on face Lavyon 3

The dermis, which is the layer under the epidermis, must be impacted for collagen to be activated. Skin cells inside a 1-2 mm circle of the treated region give growth signals to undifferentiated cells known as skin stem cells throughout the healing process. These signals also promote the quick development of brand-new fibroblasts and other cells that heal wounds.

Many cell types, including fibroblasts, rush to the incursion point to migrate and seal the wound. These brand-new fibroblasts then develop into collagen fibers, which combine with the upper dermis’s already-existing collagen. The skin is thickened by the new collagen fibers, which also smooth out wrinkles and promote the development of healthy new cells.

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