Expert Tran Toan accompanies LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD with a desire to glorify beauty

Expert Tran Toan – An expert in system business training, and building a beauty community also chose to accompany LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD with the aspiration to honor beauty.

Following the successful event series of Intercontinental Awards in France, Malaysia, and the USA, Lavyon Beauty Awards 2022 is being kicked off in Vietnam. This is an annual event held to honor individuals and products with outstanding activities in the beauty field and those having a positive contribution and influence on society and the community in general. It is therefore an overarching opportunity for us to express our love and care for the natural environment.

LAVYON E-Magazine: Could you tell us about the importance of community to the Beauty industry?

Expert Tran Toan: Vietnam’s beauty industry develops rapidly and dynamically, and new products and services appear on the market every day. Like all professions, the beauty industry also needs a community because that’s where experts and craftsmen can show their creativity in the profession. Only when in the community, people working in the beauty industry can devote themselves to the best things.

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Expert Tran Toan

LAVYON E-Magazine: What do you want in the Vietnam beauty industry?

Expert Tran Toan: As a companion to build a system, and build a community with many businesses and entrepreneurs in the field of beauty, I want the beauty industry in Vietnam to be recognized. In the future, the beauty industry will be compared with the top countries in the world in this field. I want that every individual working in the beauty industry will be recognized as an artist.

Because currently, the beauty industry in the world is tending to be seen as an art. The beauty industry is helping people to be more beautiful, happier, and more active. Working in the beauty industry, each of us is free to be creative and find the value of Integrity – Compassion – Excellence in our profession.

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Expert Tran Toan also wants to develop Vietnam’s beauty community

LAVYON E-Magazine: Why did you choose to accompany LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD?

Expert Tran Toan:  When working with the program’s organizers, I noticed that there is some common ground between me and the program. It is toward integrity – compassion – excellence, toward the great things of each person. Because of that, I decided to join the program to wish to contribute my energy, contribute my talents, and contribute my valuable meaning to make the wonderful development program.

LAVYON E-Magazine: Thank you, Expert Tran Toan for sharing with us!

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