Miss Ha Kieu Anh: Maintain timeless beauty with a healthy lifestyle

Miss Ha Kieu Anh, one of Vietnam’s most well-known and adored beauties of all time, is well-known for her numerous positive environment and community initiatives in addition to her timeless beauty.

Miss Ha Kieu Anh doesn’t stop at improving physical appearance; she also emphasizes the beauty of the soul, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of a green living environment. This is also the reason why Miss Ha Kieu Anh was invited as the LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD‘s first guest and artist ambassador.

LAVYON E-Magazine: Known as a symbol of timeless beauty, what secret does Miss Ha Kieu Anh have to keep your youth?

Miss Ha Kieu Anh: Ha Kieu Anh would like to greet all readers of LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD. First of all, Kieu Anh feels very happy to hear such a compliment. I don’t think that I have a special secret. Because Kieu Anh always keeps in mind that leading a healthy lifestyle is the first step in being able to maintain youthful features, beauty, and youthfulness. Then, we must always have a positive outlook and refrain from thinking only about negative things. Because good things always spread good vibes and energy around them.

With this attitude, I not only live a happy, healthy, and young life, but I also attract luck to myself and everyone. Your health will be improved by a positive outlook, a healthy lifestyle, a reasonable diet, and a clean, green environment. If it’s a secret, it will also be a useful secret to keep Kieu Anh young.

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Miss Ha Kieu Anh with her timeless beauty

LAVYON E-Magazine: Why did you advocate for LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD and be the Artist Ambassador for the program?

Miss Ha Kieu Anh: I believe that this program is ideally suited to my desire to enhance the beauty of everyone around me as well as my lifestyle. LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD sends a powerful message to women that we should maintain our beauty at a young age by leading healthy lives and maintaining a positive outlook. We must work together to safeguard the environment in order to achieve this. Since good health is the most natural and pure form of beauty, we can only have it when we live in a clean, green environment.

The goal and action of LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD are to make a small contribution to environmental protection, which is something Kieu Anh has always aimed to do. Kieu Anh can fulfill that desire while also demonstrating the social responsibility of an entrepreneur or business through the program.

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Miss Ha Kieu Anh now is the Artist Ambassador for Lavyon Beauty Award

LAVYON E-Magazine: It is known that the Seeding Dreams Association will debut at the LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD event, as Vice President, would you like to share more about the association’s activities?

Miss Ha Kieu Anh: Up to this point, the association and the organizers are also working very closely with all authorities to implement many activities of the association. Particularly for the festival’s premiere at LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD, one of the very special things to mention is the environmental picture. However, Kieu Anh will only give spoilers here and will keep this secret until the last minute. Because this will probably set a new record for Vietnam’s environmental protection.

Besides, LAVYON BEAUTY AWARD also has many activities to protect the environment such as planting new sunflower hills and planting 2,000 new trees. I hope that readers will accompany and join Kieu Anh in waiting for the honor night of Lavyon Beauty Award so that we can spread beautiful and human values to everyone.

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She is also a Vice President of the Seeding Dreams Association

Thank you, Miss Ha Kieu Anh. LAVYON Magazine is so happy when having time to talk to you.

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