Milk for weight loss

Most people would think they should avoid cow’s milk when they want to lose some weight. This, however, is not the case, but if it is, there are still non-dairy milk alternatives. And some are better than others at aiding weight loss. So, let’s find out what they are.

Dairy milk helps you lose weight

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A cup of whole milk (240ml) contains up to 149 calories, no wonder people avoid it when they want to shed some kilo. However, milk has more benefits for weight loss than you think. Protein-rich foods, such as milk, can help you lose weight by enhancing your metabolism and making you feel fuller after meals, resulting in a reduced daily calorie intake. Additionally, protein is crucial in building muscle; hence, drinking milk after a workout supports muscle growth and improves body composition. And let’s not forget the health benefits that milk can give us. The calcium in milk supports bone growth, while magnesium and potassium are vital for blood pressure regulation.

However, if you have lactose intolerance, you could try out the non-dairy milk below. Not only are they dairy and lactose-free, but they are low in calories and have no saturated fats.

Cashew Milk

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There are only 25 calories in a cup of unsweetened commercial cashew milk. This is the lowest number of calories you can find in any milk. Lower calorie intake means you are going to burn more of your fat each day. However, don’t start binging over the milk. Having low calories as it is, too much of anything isn’t ever good.

Hemp Milk

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Hemp milk has around 55 calories per cup, making it low-calorie and high in polyunsaturated fats. When it comes to weight loss, the amount and kind of fat you consume is just as important as the number of calories you consume. Polyunsaturated fat-rich foods are better for your heart and may help you lose weight than saturated fat-rich foods.

Soy milk

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It has the highest protein content of plant-based milk and has 105 calories per cup. Soy milk is a good alternative to cow’s milk for muscle building and weight loss. The milk can be fortified with iron and calcium, adding more benefits to your health.

Almond Milk

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It is today’s most common dairy replacement. It’s frequently fortified with vitamin D, calcium, and protein, much like many cow’s milk substitutes. It’s also low in calories, which helps you lose weight. Choose the unsweetened option for faster weight loss outcomes because it has no dangerous added sugars.


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