Miss Asia USA 2023: Taiwan queen convinced the jury and became the winner

Final round of the Miss Asia USA 2023 has ended on the last 18/11 with admirable achievement of Vietnam representatives.

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Last 18/11, the final round of Miss Asia USA 2023 took place at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, California with participations of more than 2000 guests and audiences. As one of the most famous beauty contest held in the USA. Miss Asia USA this year continues to receive a lot of attention and interest of many talented candidates coming from 52 different countries.

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Being highly evaluated from the begining, the beauty from Taiwan, Tiffany Chang has excellently won the title Miss Asia USA 2023. At the same time, she won 02 more secondary prizes namely Best Evening Crown and Best in Swimsuit. Notably, the two costume awarded are designed by Vietnamese designer – Tommy Le.

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It is worth noting that 3 representatives from Vietnam Sandy Nguyễn, Lily Ann Feller and và Sindee Ngô also surpassed other beauty and won the top prizes. Particularly, Sandy Nguyễn was awarded Miss Asia USA International, Lily Ann Feller was crowned with Miss Teen Asia USA and  Sindee Ngô was honorned Mrs. Asia Glamour.

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Other titles of Miss Asia USA 2023 belong to the beauty from Mongolia, Mandy Otgonbandrah (Miss Asia USA California); Miss Kazakhstan, Aselya Kopt (Miss Asia Glamour); Miss Cambodia, Srey Kong Michael (Mrs. Asia USA); Mrs. Korea, Tomoko Kato (Mrs. Asia USA International); The one from Japan, Kiyo Kaneda (Mrs. Asia USA Universe) and the one from Mongolia, Tsogzolmaa Myagmarsuren (Mrs. Asia USA California).

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Miss Asia USA takes place right at the occasion of celebrating 35 years in operation of  Virgelia Productions, leading event company in the USA. with hundreds of giant projects with exceptional investment and professional and professional personnels, Virgelia Productions has introduced many entertainment programs which have been highly evaluated and positioned itself during the days of its establishment 

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