Miss Sandy Nguyễn: Proud to won the most noble title when being very young

Sandy Nguyễn has surpassed many potential candidates and convincingly won International of the Miss Asia USA competition.

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After a long time of careful preparation, the final award round of  Miss Asia USA has officially taken place marvelously at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, California. possessing sophisticatedly beautyful appearance, together with skillful performance and high talent, the one from Vietnam, Sandy Nguyễn has surpassed many potential candidate to won Miss Asia USA International in the most convincing way.

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Miss beauty Sandy Nguyễn is second year student in UC Berkeley. She not only is outstanding students but also is wellknown for social and community activity. She ignited the dance movement “Puzzle Dance”  to raise awareness of autism for highshool students. Besides she is member of  Femtech, an organization for women right  in technology field, she contributed to AAPA developing leadership capacity for asian community in the USA.

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When sharing some affections of being crowned, Miss Asia USA International Sandy Nguyễn said: “For me, miss beauty is not only a title but an evidence for non-stop effort of the winners. The beauty contest is increasingly demanding higher criteria for the beauty. So I myself feel more proud of gaining this achievement when I am very young. But this is just starting point and i have to try more and more to fulfill my terms with many good values remained.”

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Miss Asia USA takes place right at the occasion of celebrating 35 years in operation of  Virgelia Productions, leading event company in the USA. with hundreds of giant projects with exceptional investment and professional and professional personnels, Virgelia Productions has introduced many entertainment programs which have been highly evaluated and positioned itself during the days of its establishment

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