PMU Universe Awards 2023 officially kicks off: 32 countries, 46 top speakers and “thousands of stars” converge

This year, the PMU Universe Awards 2023 officially kicked off, promising a high-class, professional season on an international scale.

PMU Universe Awards is one of the prestigious conferences, events, and annual professional tournaments for talents in the PMU industry. Not only honoring the stars, but this is also a “launching pad” for many individuals who are active in this field. Once again, the PMU Universe Awards 2023 has officially kicked off with the excitement of many people.

PMU Universe Awards 2023 has officially kicked off with the excitement of many people.

Specifically, the PMU Universe Awards 2023 will take place from 18-19 March 2023 at Adora Center, 431 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC. The deadline for candidates to register is March 1, 2023. According to information from the organizers, this year’s season welcomes the presence of many strong candidates, 46 prestigious speakers, and judges… from 32 countries around the world to exchange skills and perform technical performances.

PMU Universe Awards 2023 will have countless activities, promising to bring the contestants a high-class “playground” with shining talents.

On the first day of the seminar, the contestants had the opportunity to learn from the sharing, current leading techniques from international experts in the PMU industry. According to the disclosure from the organizers, this year’s stage design is very grand, all stages from eating, and relaxing to the presentation of the speakers are very well prepared. In particular, when participating, the contestants also receive bracelets, certificates, and the opportunity to exchange and take photos with experts around the world to PR for their personal brand.

One of the special speakers participating in this event is the leading general tattoo artist in Russia – Irina Maximova. The main techniques performed regularly by Irina Maximova herself include: Inkjet tattoo; Laser tattoo removal; Covering old damaged tattoo spray; Covering over scars or skin defects; Spray technique to create nipples after breast surgery.

PMU Universe Awards 2023
Speaker Irina Maximova

Another special guest is Mr. Han Jeong Wook РPresident of Korea Beauty Career Education. With 12 years of experience, he has achieved countless successes such as World Master for the first time in the world; PMU Asia Beauty Festival SMP Mas; General Lecturer of KBS Sports and Arts Academy…

PMU Universe Awards 2023
Expert Han Jeong Wook

The above are only 2 of the nearly 46 top speakers who will attend the PMU Universe Awards 2023. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for individuals working in the PMU industry to exchange and improve their skills with international friends, and well-known experts. In particular, it also opens the door for candidates to “make the PMU dream” come true.

What makes the PMU Universe Awards 2023 different from the previous seasons is that the rate of review and screening of candidates is very strict, upholding the spirit of fairness and transparency to finally select the bright stars.

In addition to the quality contestants, the team of judges and judges are famous faces from many countries such as Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Thailand, etc. It can be said that such powerful judges will assist the organizers in choosing the brightest star in each field to honor on the Gala night.


PMU Universe Awards 2023 is one of the events organized by Kevin Le International Academy Co., Ltd. This event, it can be mentioned, connects tremendously with a scale of up to thousands of participants, professionalism, and prestige. At the same time, it marked a strong transformation of the PMU industry and brought the names of many stars of PMU Vietnam to the international level.

According to information from the organizers, in addition to receiving prizes, the Top 5 winners of the PMU Universe Contest 2023 will be specially invited to become special guests to attend the PMU New Generation conference taking place in Madrid, Spain. October 27-29, 2023. Let’s hope that this year’s season will be a great success.

Deadline to register for each category: March 1, 2023
1. Competition category on real people
– Hairstroke on real people
– Spray eyebrows on real people
– Spray lips on real people
2. 3D Skin Competition Category
– Hairstroke on 3D Skin.
– Spray eyebrows on 3D Skin.
– Spray lips on 3D skin.
1. Master category PMU Universe 2023
– Spray eyebrows on real people
– Spray lips on real people
2. 3D Imitation Leather Omnipotent Category
– Eyebrows + lips + 3D fake skin upper eyelids
3. Fantasy 3D skin category (Sub-prizes selected from the 3D imitation leather contest works with fantasy decorations)
Contestants decorate their own fantasies in advance at home.

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