RIIZE Is Louis Vuitton’s New House Ambassador

RIIZE is selected as the luxury brand’s newest brand advocate, demonstrating the status of a trending newcomer.

On December 11, SM Entertainment made an announcement confirming that RIIZE had been chosen to serve as Louis Vuitton’s house ambassador. To further its influence in the fashion industry, they has been chosen as a house ambassador for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. This recognition comes from its trend-setting unique style and unmatched visuals.

riize louis vitton 7
RIIZE’s Woobin

A ‘rising star’ in the advertising world, each of them had a ton of love calls from brands in every industry before their formal debut because of their hip charm.

This time, only three months after making their debut, they were chosen to be a House ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Their interest in their upcoming ventures in the international fashion industry is high.

riize louis vitton 4
RIIZE’s Eunseok
riize louis vitton 5
RIIZE’s Sungchan

Consequently, Louis Vuitton shared their opinions about the brand’s new face.

“RIIZE has been attracting attention from all over the world with its unique style, personality, and music since its debut and has established an unrivaled presence. With its first single album Get A Guitar, it became a million-seller within a week and was released on major global charts. They achieved notable results on the music charts.”

In addition, the group is already attracting attention in the fashion world for its comfortable and freestyle. We plan to continue our future journey by welcoming RIIZE as our new ambassador who will create a creative vision together.”

riize louis vitton 3
RIIZE’s Shotaro
riize louis vitton 2
RIIZE’s Sohee
riize louis vitton 6
RIIZE’s Anton

Get A Guitar, RIIZE‘s debut single album, was released in September of 2023. They were number one on the iTunes Top Song Chart, in the top ten in twenty different locations worldwide, number one on the QQ Music Korean Music Weekly Chart in China for a back-to-back week, and number one on the Oricon Weekly Overseas Album in Japan.

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