The return of the Chemin des Tourelles, the watch time will never touch

When Tissot’s Swiss headquarters on Le Chemin des Tourelles was established in 1907 in the watchmaking town of Le Locle, it began a timeless tradition. That tradition was defined by ambition, devotion, innovation, timeless design and a forward looking spirit. In 2023, that same tradition continues to define Tissot, even as the company adapts to our changing world. And no watch captures this confident character better than the evergreen classic Chemin des Tourelles. This year, Tissot is breathing new life into this eternal design, bringing it subtle but meaningful refinement and an upgraded automatic mechanical movement. As this new collection shows, the Chemin des Tourelles is a watch that will continue to symbolise life’s greatest moments and achievements for generations to come. 

Eye for detail 

Where is this refinement? It’s in every detail. It starts with the exquisitely polished case and generous domed sapphire crystal, which sits over a soft-sunray dial, also domed. Look closely, and the considered detailing continues into the hands, which have been sandblasted and polished to create texture that’s both pleasing to the eye and that makes the watch clear and easy to read. Look closer still and you’ll see the slimline hour markers are curved and gently faceted, subtle details that make a tangible impression on the watch’s overall look and feel. Together, these elements push the eye towards the dial edge, allowing the watch to breathe and creating a reassuring sense of calm confidence.

Chemin des Tourelles

Chemin des Tourelles

Style it your way 

To accommodate the sensitivities of Tissot’s diverse global customers, the new Chemin des Tourelles will be available in three cases sizes, measuring 34mm, 39mm or 42mm. Similarly, it will appear with either an all-steel, rose gold PVD or steel and rose gold PVD bi-colour finish, with a variety of dial and strap colours. The watches will also be offered with metal bracelet options, and for those who like classic to be classical, there will be a choice of versions featuring Roman numerals on a Clous de Paris dial ring motif. For those who like simplicity, the models with batton indices will cater to those needs. 

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Lavyon07

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Lavyon

Moving up 

While the basic identity of the Chemin des Tourelles remains essentially the same, its mechanical heartbeat continues to evolve. Each model in the new Chemin des Tourelles collection is governed by the new Nivachron Powermatic 80 movement.

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Lavyon5

This Swiss Made automatic calibre brings a number of benefits, including an 80-hour power reserve and increased resistance to magnetism. 

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Lavyon4

In a fast-changing world, the Chemin des Tourelles is the consistent link between the past, the present and the future. Confident, classic, eternal, it is a symbol of success that time will never touch. 

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