The first online digital beauty event in Vietnam – Beauty Trends Update 2022 makes a big in the beauty industry

The first world-class digital online beauty event in Vietnam with the theme Strong Movement with beautiful 3D space took place on April 4, by Pro Academy – CEO Mrs. . Thanh Phan organized with friends – leading experts in the beauty industry.


With over 3,200 live views, ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? has been a huge hit in the beauty industry.

sk2Ms.Thanh Phan and special guests

With the theme Strong Movement – strong movement, when the Covid-19 epidemic changed the world drastically in the past two years, forcing us to change ourselves, both in thinking and acting. is the meaning and purpose of Mrs. Thanh Phan wishes to convey.

When technology is on the throne and geographical distance is no longer a barrier, the event ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? is a bridge for experts and speakers in Canada, Vietnam, and Malaysia to stand together in one space. New trends and new waves in the beauty industry such as Makeup Artist, PMU, Nail, Skin Treatment, Hair, .. have been shared enthusiastically and in detail by experts, spreading the fire of love for the profession to many friends. Young people have a passion for the beauty industry.

The online beauty event ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? is an opportunity for young people to learn more experiences, update beauty techniques as well as explore new trends and new knowledge in the vast beauty world. ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? also opens up a new trend in beauty in 2022, a big step forward expressing the desire to connect Vietnamese talents to the world.

In particular, a makeup trainer and founder of the Vietnamese makeup artist community, Mrs. Thanh Phan – CEO of ProAcademy, with more than 24 years of working in this field, also passionately shares about makeup trends in 2022, documents provided by MAC Cosmetics.

IMG 8820

Makeup Trends 2022 includes 2 main trends: makeup applied in Daily Life (Real way) and makeup on the catwalk (Run way).

With Real way makeup, the first trend for office ladies and businesswomen is Minimal but Elegant – the trend of minimalism and elegance. This trend is suitable for most women.

The second trend is for Summer 2022 – Sunstrobing, using products that create emulsions, delicate powders to apply in high areas of the face. This trend is quite familiar because it has been popular in the past 3 years. Mrs. Thanh Phan used MAC’s Strobe Cream to create a makeup look for this trend.


Trends for Summer 2022 – Sunstrobing

The third trend is Cherry Lips. Currently, countries such as Switzerland, Canada, etc. have begun to remove regulations, no longer need to wear masks when going out. After a long time of wearing masks, women want to express their personality, Red lips are never old, so Cherry Lips is a lipstick trend that never goes out of fashion.


The fourth trend is Lip Plumper – Full lips. Lighter gloss lipsticks are the go-to for this trend.

With Run way makeup, this year the fashion catwalks Say yes to yellow. The Butter Cream trend uses pale yellow, buttercream shades on the eyes.


The second trend – Pop Light, use pink shimmer in the high areas of the face.


The third trend – Multi Liner, is a trend that appeared on the catwalks in 2012, now returned and receive adoration again

The fourth trend – Up Side Down, this is a fairly new trend, focusing on the lower eye contour.

sk8 The fifth trend – Spidery Lash, focusing on eyelashes, clear thick strands combined with red lips make the face extremely impressive.


The sixth trend – Cat eyes, stylized cat eyes will be extremely popular this year.

Seventh trend – Heavier, blush is very clearly shown, stretched down, large patches.

Especially during the event, a pearl worth 30,000,000 VND from sponsor Queen Pearl Phu Quoc and many gifts from MAC cosmetics brand, L’Oreal were presented to Mr. Phat Nguyen – the best makeup artist. He has made contributions and inspired works to the makeup community.


Another 30,000,000 pearl from sponsor Queen Pearl Phu Quoc was also given to Hoang Son audience – the viewer who shared the livestream and had the best interaction. In addition, Pro Academy also gave 6 gifts to 6 lucky viewers with good interactive comments in the program: Linh Huynh, Greenstone Bui, Xuyen Trinh, Linh Brown Academy, Hanh Nhi, Le Minh Kieu. Each gift is a bottle of Bain Genesis best-selling anti-hair loss shampoo worth VND 800,000 from Kerastase – a brand of L’Oreal group.


???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? – The first international-class online digital beauty event in Vietnam has ended successfully. This promises to be a good start for a series of new beauty events in the future, opening a new trend for the beauty industry for 2022. Following the success of ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????, Mrs. Thanh Phan – CEO of ProAcademy will continue to launch a series of events with new beauty and health projects in the near future.

Thanh Phan would like to thank the experts and speakers who shared useful information, the latest trends, and dedication to the beauty industry during the livestream, thank you for the enthusiasm of the two easy MCs. Thank you for the professionalism and dedication of the Cloud Events production unit in Malaysia, all of which created an extremely successful and impressive event. Wishing everyone good health, peace and will continue to accompany Thanh Phan in upcoming events.

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