What benefits does aloe vera give us?

Aloe Vera has been used by humanity for thousands of years because of its multiple beneficial effects on our health. 

Although being famous for its ability to treat multiple skin issues, aloe vera also has many different effects on our health. Today, Illume-eMag will list beneficial effects that aloe vera has on our bodies.

Speed ​​up the healing of mouth sores

Repeated mouth ulcers are often caused by stress and nutritional deficiencies in the diet. And when mouth ulcers, it will cause the sick person to experience pain when in contact with food. Studies have found that using aloe vera gel for recurrent mouth sores can speed up the healing process.

Heal burns

From simple sunburns to second-degree burns, aloe vera can help burned skin heal quickly when applied topically. In fact, studies have shown that regular application of aloe vera gel on burned areas can reduce healing time by 9 days compared to conventional burn ointments and other treatments.

Traditional cure for type 2 diabetes

When type 2 diabetics consume aloe vera juice regularly, patients will improve their body’s insulin sensitivity and also help regulate blood sugar levels. That is why aloe vera is also known as a natural remedy for diabetes. However, it should not be overused as some studies have found that too much aloe vera can damage the liver.

Prevent dental disease

Dental plaque, which is a bacterial biofilm on the gums, causes most dental diseases, including tooth decay and gingivitis. And one study with 300 participants found that gargling with aloe vera juice was just as effective as chlorhexidine (a standard mouthwash) for reducing plaque buildup. Aloe vera is successful in being antibacterial and killing bacteria, preventing the growth of S.mutans, the main bacteria responsible for most oral diseases.

Strong Antioxidant

Aloe vera is full of vitamins, minerals and medicinal compounds. Polyphenols – powerful antioxidants in aloe vera – have the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to prevent various diseases in humans.

Natural laxative

Laxatives are substances that can relieve constipation. Aloe vera gel contains a compound called aloin (or barbaloin), which is a powerful laxative that is not harmful to the digestive system.

Reduce lines and wrinkles

Aloe vera has powerful anti-aging properties because when applied this gel on the skin regularly for 90 days, it can make your skin smooth and supple by increasing collagen production. Plus, it is great at regenerating the skin, helping to prevent cracking and dryness.

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