Whiten your teeth with these simple foods

Maybe some of you don’t realize but teeth whitening can be achieved without the help of medications with these simple foods in your kitchen 

The color of our teeth is something that can make or break our confidence in the modern world. But lucky for us, that problem will no longer trouble us anymore because today, Illume-eMag will show you the foods that you can find in your kitchen and help yourself whiten your teeth.


Water has the ability to naturally clean your teeth and mouth. So, rinse your mouth several times after eating or drinking to prevent stains from building up on your teeth. In addition, you just need to make sure that there is no excess food that is clinging to the teeth. This is great if you can gargle with a glass of water which contains half a teaspoon of rock salt as it can effectively prevent all tooth problems. Rinse mouth with water quickly for 30 seconds for best results.

Seeds and nuts

Chewing on light foods will help wear away plaque and stains on the surface of your teeth. Eating a few almonds for a mid-afternoon snack will give you protein, healthy fats, and help you get pearly white teeth.


The smell of onions often makes people uncomfortable, but their benefits are great. While onions may not be the ideal pre-snack food, onions are often bad for your breath, but beneficial for your teeth. Because onions are colorless, they won’t stain your teeth and eat them as often as you would if you were brushing your teeth.


Unlike cranberries and beets, broccoli doesn’t stick to your teeth. Of course, it won’t cause unsightly stains on the tooth surface. Add some fresh broccoli to your meal and the baby florets move back and forth across the tooth surface to form a natural brush. Try and experience, you will get an amazingly bright white teeth.

Yogurt and milk

These foods are extremely good for your teeth. Because yogurt and milk contain high levels of calcium which strengthens teeth and makes enamel whiter and healthier. However, not all calcium-rich foods like spinach, which are dark in color, won’t deliver the same results as milk and yogurt.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar to brush your teeth every day is an all-natural way to whiten teeth. In the morning, gargle with apple cider vinegar. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water makes a great and effective mouthwash for your teeth and gums.


Carrots are beneficial in removing plaque on teeth naturally. You just need to rub carrots on your teeth and persevere every day to have bright white teeth. In addition, carrots also kill bacteria by improving the acid and alkaline balance in the mouth. So every time you chew carrots, your teeth will become whiter. Celery and apples are also beneficial as teeth whiteners. This is really a specialized cosmetic that helps prevent tooth inflammation, gum diseases and kills bacteria that cause bad odors.

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