3 Amazing Tips on How to Avoid Makeup Pitfalls

Are you having a hard time doing your makeup the correct way? Here are 3 Amazing Tips on How to Avoid Makeup Pitfalls.


Make-up is one of the best ways to glam yourself up and a great medium to express your creativity. However, makeup is a journey and a lot of us have to face many trials and errors, you have to accept that must fail in order to learn and improve your craftsmanship. 

We seem to focus on the artistry, forget the technical aspect, or the foundation if you will, and chase something that might or might not benefit you in the long run. You kept asking yourself what you did wrong and boy do we have some tips to get you in the right mindset.


1. Embrace your features

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We are all different human beings with different facial features and skin textures at the end of the day. One of the most common mistakes we usually make is we do the kind of makeup look that you think looks good on your facial features, not the actual type of technique that compliments your face. 

Do your makeup with the features you have not the features you want. This will set realistic goals on what you can and cannot do to further your makeup game. We often have this illusion in our minds that when we put on makeup you are going to have the features that we want, but the reality is your facial features are still the same but with makeup on. In order for a transformation to take place, you must learn to have the patience to learn as well. No caterpillar turns into a butterfly overnight.

 Remember to watch or read materials where that focus heavily on technique because you have to learn the proper theory first before applying what you have learned in real life. Here are some tips for you to try out if you have hooded eyes, check out this article right here.


2. Focus on your makeup technique

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The technique is something you should definitely put a heavy focus on, remember, you have to learn the rules to break the rules. Your technique can really make or break the foundation of your makeup look. There are many elements that come into place when you are doing your makeup, these can include but are not limited to:

  • Not prepping your skin 
  • Not doing the correct winged liner for your face shape
  • Applying too much concealer
  • Over-contouring your face
  • Not prepping your eyelids before putting on eyeshadows
  • Doing foundation before eye makeup

On another note, skincare can play an integral role in makeup as well. If you don’t take care of your skin properly, you would not have a proper base to work with and you will notice a huge difference in your beauty routine.


3. Don’t fall for beauty filters

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We often compare ourselves to our favorite Instagram influencers, celebrities, or any model that you would see in magazines. However, most of them, more often than not, is a product of beauty filters or professional editing. While there is nothing wrong with using them to enhance your features or even doing editorial work, along with cosmetic surgery, they have an indirect effect on viewers and audiences like us.

They set unrealistic goals for the human body, perfect smooth skin, beautiful hair, and flawless makeup. The average Joe doesn’t have such features, we are always comparing ourselves and beating ourselves up when we do not meet societal beauty standards or trends that might be gone overnight. Keep in mind that this can be all an illusion, to make you feel less so you can buy more, but we can assure you that nothing is perfect, and your features will never run out of style. Turn your liabilities into your best assets. 


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