Use Serum: Here Are 5 Tips On How To Do It Properly

The serum is a crucial component of the skincare routine since it adds powerful ingredients that soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin from the inside out. However, not everyone is aware of how to use it to maximize its advantages and help the skin expand, moisturize, and fight age. Here are 5 tips you should start using right away to improve the efficacy of your skin care regimen.

1. Choosing the right products for your skin

There are numerous available serums that target various skin care requirements. Therefore, to pick the best product, you must carefully define your skin’s needs. You should concentrate on the ones that have the capacity to effectively moisturize given the requirement to moisturize, stretch the skin, and prevent aging. Deep moisturizing serums include those that contain HA, Ceramide, Glycerin, and Urea as active components.

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It’s very important to choose the right product

Additionally, you can select the one with more vitamin C, AHA, BHA, licorice extract, green tea extract, and honey, if you want to boost the efficacy of skin whitening, anti-aging, skin regeneration, and dull skin.

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2. Before applying, thoroughly clean the skin

No matter how much money you spend on this product, it will be down the drain if you don’t completely clean your skin. If the skin is not adequately cleaned, it will become clogged and unable to absorb nutrients. Therefore, before using the serum, you should invest in a comprehensive cleansing cycle that includes washing your face and removing all of your makeup in order to completely remove debris, makeup, and excess oil from your skin.

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Always remember to clean your face before using it

3. Hydrate before applying

The initial phase to help soften the skin is to hydrate and moisturize before applying the serum. Hydrated and soft skin will be better able to absorb nutrients. After washing your face, you can use a serum or mineral spray in this stage to hydrate the skin. For an even more advanced option, moisturize the face thoroughly with a lotion mask before applying it.

4. Apply moisturizer after applying

Applying a moisturizer after the serum will operate as a protective layer, preventing the serum’s helpful essence from evaporating. The cream will also aid in boosting the skin’s deep moisturizing impact. In order to ensure that the serum can maximize its skin-nourishing properties, use a thin layer of cream after applying it.

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5. Use the essence pusher

Use an essence pusher to get the most out of the cream’s advantages. The machine’s Ion technology pushes nutrients to penetrate deeply, improving the serum’s efficacy. Essence pushers also frequently have cooling and massage modes to reduce puffiness and dark circles, tighten pores, and promote relaxation.

You can gently massage in a circular motion to allow the nutrients to penetrate deeply even without an essence pusher. To prevent sagging skin when applying and massaging the serum, move your fingertips in a circular motion from bottom to top.

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The bottom line

A high-quality serum has the potential to be the basis of your skin care regimen if used properly. High quantities of active substances may be deeply absorbed by the skin for total nourishing thanks to its gel-like nature. These above tips may help you find out the ways to use this product in the right way.

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