Hippie hairstyles making Korean female celebs fell in love this summer

If you are worried about hairstyles in humid summer weather, this article is for you! A free-spirited and lovely hippie perm style that is more recommended for curly hair.

Lim Ji-yeon’s new hairstyle that makes you forget the cold and evil character ‘Yeon-jin’ in the drama <The Glory> is a hippie perm. Even the side bangs that cover her face were perfectly curled to create a lovely atmosphere.

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Instagram: limjjy2

Kim Do-Yeon proved that a hippie perm can reveal a completely different aura. A black slip dress, choker, and smoky makeup are added to create a sensual aura.

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Instagram: lafilledhiver_

Jeong Hoyeon, with her bountiful hippie hair, reminds us of Disney’s animated film Moana. It looks natural as if it was deliberately staged to the point of being messy.

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As summer came, Keum Sae-rok transformed into hippie hair. If the fluffy hippie perm is too much for you, you may want to refer to her curly hairstyle in the way of loosening perm.

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Instagram: goldnewrok

The combination of blonde hair and hippie perm is also different. If you have a style with bangs like Yuqi, you can also refer to how to curl the bangs slightly.

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Instagram: yuqisong_.923

Choi Yoo-jung’s hippie perm style with see-through bangs and a natural atmosphere. If you save bangs or side bangs, you can enjoy a hippie perm that is not burdensome even when being tied up.

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Instagram: dbeoddl__

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