Six Simple Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying Sunscreen

When you apply sunscreen incorrectly, it loses its efficacy and does not protect your skin as well as it should.

Although applying sunscreen appears straightforward, many people make mistakes when performing this step in skin care and protection. Applying it correctly, especially in the summer, requires caution and avoiding the six common errors identified by doctors below.

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1. Just use it when going outside

Sunscreen is a substance that protects your skin from UV radiation, but it’s not just for while you’re outside in the sun. The reason for this is that even on shady days or while spending less time outside, the skin might still be exposed to UV radiation. UV rays may still penetrate clouds and injure skin that is not covered by sunscreen whether sitting indoors or near a window. As a result, make it a practice to use it every day, even all year.

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2. Using little sunscreen

Most people only use 20-50% of the recommended amount. As a result, our skin receives just around one-third of the UV protection listed on the product. For example, if you use the product with an SPF of 30, you will only receive SPF 10. As a result, ensure that the appropriate amount is applied to your skin on a daily basis in order to establish a proper barrier for your skin.

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3. Using expired sunscreen

Many people have developed the habit of merely replacing cosmetics as they run out, without considering the product’s expiration date. Remember that the chemical compounds in beauty products have an expiration date and cannot be guaranteed to be effective over time. 

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For example, as the weather warms up in the summer, cosmetics in general, and sunscreen in particular, will undoubtedly be influenced by temperature, resulting in diminished product effectiveness. As a result, you should pay attention to the expiration date of the product you’re using and replace it as soon as possible.

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4. Only use it on your face

Most people simply apply it to their faces, ignoring their ears, lips, neck, hands, and arms. For difficult places to apply cream products such as the scalp, and arms, … you can use spray sunscreen to create a more optimal layer of protection.

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5. Not applying again in the daytime

All sunscreens lose their effectiveness after roughly 90 to 120 minutes, regardless of how high their SPF is. As a result, make it a routine to reapply every two hours. You should focus more on this procedure if you frequently need to work out outside.

6. Improper spray-on sunscreen application

Spray sunscreen is an exceptionally useful product, especially for those who spend a lot of time outside and don’t have much time to apply. However, when using these items, avoid spraying them directly on your face or near your mouth. Instead, spray on your hands before putting it on your face.

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