How to celebrate International Women’s Day as a man

International Women’s Day is coming. This is a chance to show all the women out there your appreciation. Illume-emag has a few ideas about what men can do on this day.

  1. Wear Purple

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Along with green and white, purple is the color of International Women’s Day. It was adopted by the suffragettes in the early 20th century, and now a color commonly associated with the International Women’s Day campaign signifies justice and dignity. So put on anything purple for everyone to see, telling them who you are supporting.

  1. Giving Gifts

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Give a small gift to the special woman in your life. Depending on who they are, the present could be varied: a doll for your younger sister, a pan for your mom, a cake for your friends, etc. You can find out more here (link).

  1. Watch movies about awesome women

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This is something you can do with your girlfriend on March 8th. Not only are you spending time with the woman you love, but at the same time, you are telling her that you know how strong, intelligent, brave, and independent women can be. You can see some suggestions here.

  1. A thank you note

thank you illume emag

If you want to show appreciation but you don’t have the money, time, or ability to get to those people at the moment, you could simply send them a thank you note. Whether it be through a letter, email, text, or phone call, send out the message that they are appreciated. It is indeed a small act, but it beats the heck out of doing nothing.

  1. Donation

donation illume emag

According to Living Without Abuse, domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women in their lifetime and leads to an average of two women being murdered each week. Women’s shelters provide refuge for women who are literally fearing for their lives. Anything you can do to help these shelters helps these women who are truly helpless and terrified.

  1. Socialization

If you want to join a community and participate in events that promote women, check out the International Women’s Day website. Every year they come up with a new theme and event for that year’s March 8. You can follow IWD on Twitter and Pinterest for quick access to information.

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