Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bought an ancient villa of 14.2 million USD

The new home of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom lies back against the hill and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Businessman C. Robert Kidder lived in this villa for 20 years before going up for sale early last year for $ 20 million. Katy and her husband have negotiated a price of 14.2 million USD (nearly 330 billion VND).

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The star couple decided to buy a splendid and spacious real estate to be a new home after giving birth in August.
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The house with many trees and immense garden is the ideal place to live for children.

Katy Perry và Orlando Bloom tậu biệt thự cổ 14,2 triệu USD - 6

katy18 3173 1603270610
The stretching flower garden surrounds the lawn that adorns the villa.
katy10 7711 1603270610
Old oak trees give off their shade all year round.
orlando101 8204 1603270610
The 3-storey Villa was built in Mediterranean architecture since 1934. The large living room has up to 5 doors open to a vast view.
orlando6 1638 1603270610
Vintage kitchen.
orlando44 7121 1603270610
One of the great bedrooms with lots of glass windows.
katy9 2396 1603270610
Another classic bedroom.
orlando10 3250 1603270610
The rooms have romantic ocean views.
katy13 3952 1603270611
Katy and Orlando both own their own villas in Los Angeles, but both have sold them to buy this splendid property.

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