Melania declined the offer to meet the president-elect’s wife

Melania declined the offer to meet the president-elect's wife
Mrs. Melania Trump – America’s First Lady. Photo: AFP.

President Donald Trump has yet to accept the results of the election and believes there is fraud. Besides, his wife, Melania Trump, also supported her husband and did not have any communication with her husband’s opponents. Melania even repeated her husband’s controversial claims on Twitter. “The American people deserve a fair vote. Every legitimate vote should count. We must defend our democracy with complete transparency,” she wrote.

Melania is said to have not called Jill Biden to prepare for the upcoming White House East Wing handover. Even so, Jill is embarking on building her staff as first lady, as well as setting her own agenda that includes education, veterans and cancer.

“Dr. Biden is extremely grateful to the country that elected her husband and Senator Harris. Joe Biden will be the president of all Americans. She is spending time with her children and grandchildren in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Biden is also focusing on building her team and developing the issues she prioritizes, focusing on education, military families and veterans, cancer “, Jill Biden’s spokeswoman, Michael LaRosa, announced.

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Mrs. Jill Biden – wife of the new president-elect Joe Biden. Photo: AP.

Jill Biden – wife of the new president-elect Joe said she also wants to balance the duties of the first lady with her teaching work. This would make her the first president’s wife to still keep a job outside the White House.

Mrs.Jill is expected to follow in the footsteps of two former first ladies, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, when there are about 25 employees working at the same time in the White House. However, the number of employees Melania hired to work in the East Wing during the term was quite small, only about 10 people.

In addition, despite Mr Trump’s continued to underestimate the impact of Covid-19, Melania remains at the forefront of ensuring her employees adhere to safety procedures. When the president, first lady and their teenage son Barron all tested positive for Covid-19,
Melania strongly asked staff to work from home if possible and encouraged them to wear masks.

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Mrs. Melania passed Mrs. Jill Biden on stage during the pre-election debate on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: Reuters.


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