Mr. Trump made a spectacular comeback, hoping to get re-election soaring

Illume – President Donald Trump is pleased to announce the results of a new poll showing that he has just come ahead of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, at the close of this year’s US election.

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According to previous surveys, Mr. Trump has temporarily lost to Mr. Biden in terms of the rating of voters. However, the results of a new poll by the Institute for Democratic Studies (a transatlantic research organization based in both Washington and London) conducted for the British newspaper Sunday Express showed that President Donald Trump has made a spectacular comeback after the National Congress of the Republican Party ended on the night of August 27.

Specifically, in terms of the rate of support of voters nationwide, Mr. Trump took the lead with 48%, while the opponent currently only has 46%. Moreover, the new survey also noted that Mr. Trump has an advantage in five key geographic battle states including Florida, Lowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania as well as in New Hampshire, which once supported Democratic presidential candidates in the recent 6/7 elections.

In fact, the survey results also reflect, the support of black voters for President Trump is now 20%, an increase of 8% compared to the poll results after the vote in 2016, while the percentage of the vote of Hispanic origin for him is 38%. Both groups make up about 30% of the US population.

Researchers at the Democratic Institute found that Mr. Trump is increasing the gap that led Mr. Biden in the ratings of “shy voters”, people who do not like to tell polls about their voting intentions. Support rates in this group are now 71%, up from 66% last month.

President Trump on August 30 expressed his delight at the positive developments and re-shared the results of the poll on his personal Twitter page. Supporters are hopeful about Trump’s reelection and four more years of White House leadership.

In a separate message on Twitter on August 30, President Trump cites Moore’s comments, as well as the famous director’s prediction of his 2016 victory.

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