Weight-loss drugs’ top 5 harmful side effects

Nowadays, the weight of one individual has become an issue that every one of us has to pay attention to and more people have resorted to using weight-loss drugs so they can control their weight. 

Reducing one’s weight is a very long and difficult process. Succeeding in achieving your desired weight requires time, commitment and proper research on your weight loss diet. Because of this, many people choose to use weight-loss drugs and ignore the harmful side effects that those drugs bring. Today, Illume-eMag will reveal the dangerous effects that these weight reduction drugs bring.

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Weight-loss pills

Weight-loss drugs causes heart problems

Many weight loss drugs are advertised as increasing metabolism, reducing cravings and providing the body with more energy. In fact, if these criteria can be met, they are weight loss drugs containing stimulants, which are amphetamine ingredients or a combination of caffeine, guarana or other amphetamine-based components. Amphetamine has long been banned in medicine because it is considered a drug. These stimulants raise blood pressure and heart rate very quickly. If you have heart disease, the drug can make the condition worse, face many dangers. However, some weight loss drug brands are still illegally using this ingredient in product formulas. That is why you need to choose drugs from an official and reputable source, in order to minimize the harmful effects of weight loss pills.

Weight-loss drugs affect digestion

Along with the main purpose of weight loss, taking weight loss pills can also cause uncomfortable (and sometimes serious) problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Many weight loss drugs work by blocking or reducing the absorption of fat in the body, altering the digestive process, thereby causing a range of side effects from mild to severe such as: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, loss of control of the anal sphincter, leading to fecal incontinence. To minimize the side effects of weight loss drugs, you should control the dose of the drug, do not abuse and avoid eating greasy or too fatty foods. In fact, a low-fat menu is also reasonable during the weight loss period.

Increased feelings of stress and other mental health problems

Are weight loss pills safe? These drugs contain stimulants that can have both mental and emotional effects if used for a long time or in overdose such as agitation, irritability, mood swings and nervousness. Particularly amphetamine-based drugs can cause users to experience excessive anxiety and extreme paranoia. If you have a history of anxiety disorders or depression, regular use of weight loss pills can worsen symptoms, leading to panic attacks (worse, thoughts of suicide). While stimulant weight loss pills can help you stay in shape, it doesn’t come at the expense of both your mental and emotional health. Therefore, always use the drug consciously or adopt other more suitable weight loss measures.

Harm of weight loss pills: Causing insomnia

The stimulants in some weight loss pills will produce more energy and speed up the metabolism in the body. Depending on the dose you take and how sensitive you are to the stimulant, sometimes this heightened energy level is just like drinking too much coffee or energy drinks because they contain many of the same ingredients. Sleep-related problems are a fairly common “unwanted outcome” from weight loss pills. Increased energy and rapid heart rate make it difficult to sleep, insomnia. Feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and mental impact also make you stay up late, not relaxing enough to rest. Insomnia is also accompanied by: Severe daytime lethargy (can be very dangerous when driving or performing other activities that require concentration), feeling depressed. The urge to think that you need more medicine to stay awake, makes you fall into a “vicious cycle” of the harmful effects of weight loss drugs. Some people turn to anti-drowsy medications. Using many different drugs to cope with the side effects of the weight loss pills you are taking is much more likely to lead to drug abuse.

Side effects of weight loss pills: Addictive

One harmful effect of weight loss pills that few people are aware of is the potential for addiction. Many weight loss pills that contain or are derived from amphetamines come with strict guidelines for use in small, short-term doses. Long-term and frequent abuse of the drug also makes tolerability worse, leading to the body starting to need the drug in higher doses to achieve the same effect as before. This state of “drug resistance” will entail the risks of the harmful effects of the weight loss drugs listed above. People addicted to stimulants are more likely to turn to stronger and often illegal stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine. It is this behavior that leads to more dangerous consequences. It all comes down to the simple original purpose of losing weight.

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