Want A Salon-Fresh Look Hair? Here Are 7 Tips To Wash Your Hair Properly

Washing your hair is the process of cleaning your hair, and removing grease and dirt. However, if you don’t wash your hair properly,  you could unintentionally cause the hair to fall out, become weak, and lose its smooth appearance. Here are 7 tips to wash your hair properly and make your hair healthy that you should know.

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1. Avoid washing your hair every day

Daily hair washing not only is harmful to your hair but also causes a number of other problems. Dryness, breakage, broken ends, and excessive chemical residue can all happen to your hair. Furthermore, excessive hair washing depletes the hair of moisture and natural oils, leaving it greasy, weak, and filthy. You should only wash your hair two to three times a week at most.

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Use these tips to wash your hair in the correct way

2. Limit combing after washing your hair

Brushing your hair before washing it will help get rid of tangles, making washing your hair more efficient. Additionally, you shouldn’t comb your hair too much after washing it because the pores are already open, your hair is moist and very weak. Hair will break and become easily damaged if brushed after shampooing.

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3. Washing your hair with warm water

Washing your hair in really hot water will dry it out and make it look dull. However, cold water is insufficient to remove too much oil from hair. Therefore, warm water is the ideal temperature for washing your hair. Warm water will help to better eliminate dirt from the scalp by opening up the pores and cuticles. In addition, warm water relaxes greasy skin and hair while promoting blood circulation to strengthen hair, giving it a pleasant massage-like sensation.

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Using warm water is one of the tips to wash your hair properly

4. Choosing the right shampoo for your hair

Different hair types will be compatible with each shampoo. Therefore, you should think about selecting the proper shampoo to efficiently clean oily skin and care for hair. 

  • If you have oily hair, a deep cleansing, the oil-balancing shampoo will be the optimal choice. But you should stay away from moisturizing shampoos.
  • Shampoos with the ability to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair should be used if you have dry or coarse hair.
  • A mild, safe shampoo is recommended if you have thin, fragile hair.
  • If you have colored hair, stay away from sulfate-containing products and go for a shampoo that retains color.
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Other tips to wash your hair correctly is to choose the right shampoo

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5. Washing your hair twice

The best hair care method used in hair salons is to wash your hair twice. The initial wash will gently wash away dirt that has accumulated on the skin in a cleansing manner. Because the scalp is frequently unclean during this wash, there won’t be much foam. The hair is then clean and easily able to absorb the nutrients from the shampoo in the second wash, and you’ll notice that the shampoo has more lather this time around.

A better cleaning result will be achieved by shampooing your hair twice than by doing so just once. The nutrients from the following hair care products are also easily absorbed by the hair, which results in silky, smooth hair and significantly less breakage.

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One of the tips to wash your hair you may not know that you should do it twice

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6. Use clean water to thoroughly rinse

Many people frequently make the mistake of not properly cleaning, leaving chemicals to remain after washing their hair, and weakening and breaking the hair. After shampooing, you should spend at least 3 minutes rinsing your entire head of hair to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

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7. Pat dry with a towel before drying

After shampooing, gently pat dry your hair to help wring out extra moisture. Don’t be too hard right now because the hair is quite fragile. Applying a little more hair protection oil after towel-drying your hair will help the heat’s adverse effects on the structure of your hair.

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