NAILCON 2023 opens a new future for the nail industry

The NAILCON 2023 event, which has just taken place with the participation of hundreds of leading industry experts, is considered an important milestone in the development of the nail industry, a pioneering step in bringing the element of health protection into the nail industry.


At the end of May 2023, the nail industry festival named NAILCON took place successfully at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California. Not only is NAILCON the most anticipated event in the Vietnamese nail industry in the US, but NAILCON is also the world’s first medical specialty program in the nail industry.


The event was attended by many famous speakers and leading names in the nail industry in the US such as Entrepreneur Charlie Quy Ton, Dr. Havy Nguyen, Dr. Benjamin Pham, Dr. Laura Purdy…


Participating in the event, in addition to exchanging and learning from qualified experts, the guests had the opportunity to experience many other exciting activities such as Talkshow sharing nail experience from experts, learning about products and ways to protect health when doing nails, participating in nail contests, lucky draws…


The NAILCON event is considered to open an exciting new chapter for the global nail industry. While other niches of the beauty industry have implemented many safe forms of beauty for a long time, the health issue in the nail industry has not received real attention. And NAILCON is the pioneer bell for those working in this industry to raise awareness of the risks that may be encountered.

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