The UK discovered six new Covid-19 variants originating from Brazil

On February 28, he recorded for the first time six new Covid-19 variants originating from Brazil. According to British health officials, in 6 cases, three cases were discovered in the England area and the remaining 3 cases were discovered in Scotland. Two of the three new variations discovered in England are from a family with a history of traveling to Brazil. The new variant cases in Scotland are not related to the new variant cases in England.

The UK discovered six new Covid-19 variants originating from Brazil
Streets in England were deserted, shops were closed by Covid-19. Photo: Reuters

British officials said, the risk of spreading this new variant to the community is low, but to prevent it, the UK is still implementing traceability and testing measures in these areas.

England Regional Community Health Director Susan Hopkins said: “The P1 variant was first discovered in Manaus, Brazil, with the same mutation as the B1351 variant discovered in South Africa. We are currently not clear about the efficacy of the vaccine on this variant. So we will do our best to prevent the spread of variation in the UK community. ”

By the end of 2020, the UK also discovered many variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus believed to have originated in the UK, leading to an increase in infections in the country and subsequently spread to other regions of the world.


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